The Globe and Mail (Prairie Edition) - - NEWS - BY STEVE BECKER FRI­DAY, MAY 18, 2018

You open One Di­a­mond, and part­ner re­sponds One Spade. What would you bid now with each of the fol­low­ing five hands?

1. Two spades. This is not the most ac­cu­rate re­bid in the world, but it is the best avail­able. There is a nat­u­ral aver­sion to rais­ing part­ner’s re­sponse im­me­di­ately with only three trumps, and there is also an aver­sion to not re­bid­ding a good six-card suit.

How­ever, an ac­cu­rate re­bid in di­a­monds is not pos­si­ble. To leap to three di­a­monds would con­sti­tute an overex­ag­ger­a­tion of your val­ues, while two di­a­monds would un­der­state the value of your hand. Faced with this dilemma, it is best to raise spades. This is the bid most likely to cause part­ner to view his val­ues more favourably, and thus is more likely to get him to bid again.

2. Four spades. It would be wrong to bid only three spades, which part­ner can pass. The leap to four is not a close­out bid. On the con­trary, it states in plain English that game is vir­tu­ally cer­tain even if part­ner has only six points. Four spades is there­fore a form of slam try. If part­ner has suf­fi­cient ex­tra val­ues, he will pre­sum­ably press on.

3. Two clubs. Two di­a­monds would be too weak and three di­a­monds too strong. Two notrump is out of the ques­tion be­cause it would in­di­cate 18 or 19 points and bal­anced dis­tri­bu­tion. Two clubs has the ad­van­tage of be­ing am­bigu­ous as it may be based on min­i­mum val­ues or a fairly strong hand of up to 18 points. If part­ner passes two clubs, game is very un­likely.

4. Three spades. Usu­ally, the jump-raise of part­ner’s suit shows four trumps, but here, with no bet­ter bid avail­able, it must be made with three. Your 18 high-card points and strong spades are ad­e­quate com­pen­sa­tion for the miss­ing fourth trump.

5. Three notrump. Here, you must make a bid that puts you in game or forces part­ner to bid again. With the un­bid suits dou­ble-stopped and a mi­nor your best suit, the best thing to do is to bid game in notrump. The leap to three notrump in­di­cates 20 points or more, since the ones­pade re­sponse may have been based on as lit­tle as six points. Whether part­ner is sat­is­fied with play­ing in notrump, or whether there might be a slam, be­comes part­ner’s re­spon­si­bil­ity at this point.

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