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noun. [From Latin mul­tus “much, many” + cul­tura “grow­ing, cul­ti­va­tion.”]

1. An In­dige­nous con­cept that bal­ances dif­fer­ence with be­long­ing.

2. A pol­icy de­vised to ex­plain how peo­ple from cul­tur­ally dis­tinct and di­verse back­grounds can live to­gether.

3. A Cana­dian in­ven­tion sup­port­ing

– in the­ory at least – no­tions of equal rights, recog­ni­tion and op­por­tu­nity for all, re­gard­less of their roots.

4. An ex­am­ple of how con­fused and bliss­fully op­ti­mistic pol­icy-mak­ing can be­come a strength.

5. Mis­un­der­stood, to put it po­litely, by Euro­peans and Amer­i­cans. And some Cana­di­ans.

6. On pa­per, the op­po­site of in­ter cul­tural is me. In prac­tice, iden­ti­cal.

7. An im­por­tant step on the road to plu­ral­ism and in­clu­sion.

8. A rare un­apolo­getic Cana­dian mic drop.

SEE: Cit­i­zen; Com­mu­nity; demoC­raCy; in­Clu­sion

– Adri­enne Clark­son

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