Keep your ca­nine cosy and your car vir­tu­ally fur-free

The Guardian (Charlottetown) - - Now - BY CHAN­TAL EUS­TACE

Me­lanie Cassidy is on a mis­sion to keep dogs drier and cosier. And cars a lit­tle cleaner. In­spired by the play­ful an­tics of her of­ten-muddy six-year-old golden-doo­dle Reuben, she cre­ated Dog-Cozy last year: dry­ing sacks for dogs. The bag­gies pro­tect cars and homes from muddy foot­prints and fur, she says, and help heat up four-legged friends af­ter a dip in the ocean or a walk in the rain. Reuben is a fan of the bag, says Cassidy. “He's ac­tu­ally re­ally happy in it,” she says, of the pon­cho-like sack. “I think it has a sort of swad­dling ef­fect.”

We asked Cassidy to an­swer some Ques­tions about her Dog-Cozy line: Why did you de­cide to start Dog-Cozy? “The Dog-Cozy was de­vel­oped as a di­rect re­sponse to tak­ing care of my big, of­ten wet dog, Reuben. Reuben is an avid swim­mer, grass-roller, and gen­eral ruf­fian who starts out our walks white and comes home in var­i­ous shades of dirt.”

How do dogs typ­i­cally re­spond to the cosies? “I’m of­ten asked how the dog feels about be­ing con­tained, and this was my big­gest con­cern in try­ing it out on Reuben --but he loved it. Most dogs try to take a step or two, re­al­ize that their mo­bil­ity is limit- ed, and then they have a seat, lie down and en­joy the warmth. It’s a bit of a learn­ing curve but, with pos­i­tive re­in­force­ment and rubs, I've never found a dog that doesn't en­joy it af­ter they've had a good walk and are ready to re­lax. For small dogs, they re­ally en­joy the feel­ing of be­ing swad­dled.”

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