Age of Pa­tron­age still alive, well?

The Guardian (Charlottetown) - - EDITORIAL -

Dur­ing the Bar­baric Age, in the Stone Ages, sav­age chiefs wiped out en­emy tribes in search of plun­der and land. Dur­ing the Im­pe­rial Age, in an­cient times, rulers of em­pires al­lowed con­quered peo­ples to live, in or­der to en­sure a con­tin­u­ing sup­ply of trib­ute.

They even pro­tected them from other forces that might have an­ni­hi­lated them or usurped the trib­ute. Dur­ing the Feu­dal Age, in the Mid­dle Ages, lords, with elab­o­rate codes of chival­ric hon­our, pro­vided jus­tice and pro­tec­tion to vas­sals in re­turn for homage and a share of the pro­duce of the land.

Dur­ing the Pa­tron­age Era, un­der the spoils sys­tem of old­time pol­i­tics, po­lit­i­cal bosses pro­vided pa­tron­age to them­selves and their sup­port­ers. In the Vo­ca­tional Era, which we hope is emerg­ing, lead­ers will pro­vide gov­ern­ment to cit­i­zens in re­turn for a rea­son­able in­come which will en­able them to main­tain them­selves and carry on with their re­spon­si­bil­i­ties.

Prince Ed­ward Is­land is still liv­ing in the Pa­tron­age Era and is only be­gin­ning to emerge into the Vo­ca­tional Era. Con­sid­er­ing what went be­fore, one may sup­pose that that could be con­sid­ered progress. Joseph Ken­neth Malone, Char­lot­te­town

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