Think­ing equals gen­eral con­cern

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Garth Sta­ples tries to en­lighten us to the glory of Stephen Harper’s Bill C-51 in his re­cent let­ter to this pa­per (“Re­newed vig­i­lance to save en­light­ened so­ci­ety”). Most of the let­ter was a history les­son on 1700s French pol­i­tics and revo­lu­tion. Then up pops a ref­er­ence to Mr. Harper’s bill: “PM Harper has asked all think­ing and con­cerned Cana­di­ans to join in a re­newed vig­i­lance to save our en­light­ened so­ci­ety from at­tempts to take us back to the dark ages.”

Now, if I was a sen­si­tive type, I might take that last sen­tence as a bit of a slam against any­one who might ob­ject to the bla­tant Big Brother as­pect of said bill. But I con­sider my­self a ‘think­ing and con­cerned Cana­dian’ and that is why I’m afraid of the pro­posed leg­is­la­tion.

And to bor­row his trip back to the 1700s, I’ll go back too and quote that wise Amer­i­can, Ben­jamin Franklin, who said “Those who would give up es­sen­tial Lib­erty, to pur­chase a lit­tle tem­po­rary Safety, de­serve nei­ther Lib­erty nor Safety.”

Many Cana­di­ans are think­ing, Mr. Sta­ples, and they are very con­cerned. Lloyd Kerry Char­lot­te­town

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