Mar­ried cheaters not ‘ keep­ers’

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Q-I’m a fe­male, sin­gle for four years. I’ve been on many dat­ing web­sites and find that most sin­gle men my age (50) want some­one much younger.

Those who are in­ter­ested in me, turn out to be mar­ried.

I got tired of the b.s. so I went to a pop­u­lar cheat­ing web­site where the truth is in the open.

I have good friends, en­joy travel, all I re­ally miss is sex. For me, nos­trings-at­tached sex isn’t so bad.

It’s very hard to find some­one to keep.

Men are fickle and like to move on, de­spite that I can be a host­ess, I’m pretty sexy, great in bed, etc.

I ask men why they cheat. Some say they’re es­tranged from their wives, or that their wives don’t want sex any­more.

I don’t know if it’s true. BUT LOTS OF GUYS CHEAT FOR THE THRILL.

True Story

A-Your find­ings may be ac­cu­rate… but skewed, since you’re on a web­site pro­mot­ing adul­tery.

For­tu­nately for most mar­riages, a higher per­cent­age of mar­ried women and men don’t cheat.

Ac­cord­ing to fig­ures in the Jour­nal of Mar­i­tal and Fam­ily Ther­apy, some 22 per­cent of men and 14 per­cent of women will cheat on their spouses at least once dur­ing their mar­riage. So 78% are ap­par­ently not cheat­ing.

Mean­while, many dat­ing web­sites of­fer so much choice that women and men alike ini­tially go for su­per­fi­cial traits.

Both fo­cus on looks, men seek younger women, while women seek suc­cess­ful men.

Yet stud­ies show that the ma­jor­ity of cou­ples still meet through tra­di­tional dat­ing meth­ods - through friends, at a cof­fee shop, res­tau­rant, or bar.

My point? Mar­ried men may be pro­vid­ing sex. But that’s it.

No real in­ti­macy, no keep­ers… you your­self feel that’s lack­ing.

It’s worth a try to in­form friends that you’d like to meet some­one un­at­tached who’s ready for dat­ing an ac­tive, at­trac­tive, sexy, ma­ture woman.


If you hope to one day find a “keeper” re­la­tion­ship, dat­ing mar­ried cheaters dis­tracts from open­ness and op­por­tu­ni­ties.

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