Gate­way Vil­lage needs some TLC

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Re­gard­ing the un­kempt con­di­tions at Gate­way Vil­lage:

This is­sue has been ex­pressed be­fore in these col­umns and to no avail.

The gov­ern­ment of the day has done noth­ing about it. And now that mem­bers are on sum­mer leave from the har­row­ing work they’ve done with small re­mu­ner­a­tion, long hours and un­fair work­ing con­di­tions noth­ing will come about be­cause mem­bers are busy at­tend­ing to long va­ca­tion fun days.

The midst of the tourist sea­son is upon us and con­di­tions at Gate­way Vil­lage are ap­palling.

The foun­tain is dry, the town clock doesn’t work and there are still a few stores with pa­per cov­er­ing the win­dows. These are not ma­jor work feats to be com­pleted. If this was a mil­lion dol­lar work fac­tor they (the gov­ern­ment) would be spend­ing tax­payer’s dol­lars like it was go­ing out of style. Maybe those win­dows cold be cov­ered with Is­land tourists’ news and the like.

It bog­gles the mind to see this con­di­tion so preva­lent in the vil­lage, the main stop­ping place for tourists once they’ve crossed the bridge, and gov­ern­ment do­ing noth­ing about it.

One would think that gov­ern­ment would take pride in the main ‘gate­way’ point, the first im­pres­sion tourists get of P.E.I. It’s not some­thing that’s hid­den from view, its right out front for all peo­ple to see. I sat at a park bench in the vil­lage and lis­tened to re­marks made by visi­tors about these con­di­tions and it wasn’t pleas­ant to hear.

Go over to the bor­der points of New Brunswick and Nova Sco­tia and you’ll see noth­ing of the kind. We can­not un­der­stand why gov­ern­ment doesn’t act but since we’re a for­got­ten town I sup­pose no­body cares.

Ralph Mac­Don­ald


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