Hope­ful for change but not yet

The Guardian (Charlottetown) - - EDITORIAL -

I am 60. For my first 40 years I grew up with the old two-party shuf­fle, tak­ing turns at the public purse. Like most Is­lan­ders (Cana­di­ans), I think we be­came nor­mal­ized to it.

This had sev­eral ef­fects on me per­son­ally.

First of all, it turned me away from watch­ing how we are gov­erned (ruled) be­cause it had a bad smell, so I in­stinc­tu­ally turned my head away from it.

Sec­ond, both par­ties were strong, and the back and forth of pol­i­tics con­tin­ued.

Both par­ties looted us through pa­tron­age, but some­how we all thought it would some­how bal­ance out in the end.

Third, we as­sumed some­one else was guard­ing the hen house, that some­one else would take care of it be­fore it got too bad. Bill Kays Char­lot­te­town

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