Un­born chil­dren de­serve life

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In re­sponse to Anna Keenan’s “A need for abor­tion ac­cess” (Dec. 28), con­grat­u­lat­ing the Guardian for its on­go­ing sup­port of abor­tion: I won­dered where I was when they used a photo from New Brunswick in April of 2014.

Con­grat­u­la­tions on the birth of your first child. You say that the preg­nancy came as a sur­prise but you were in a good po­si­tion to ‘choose life’ for your beau­ti­ful baby. At what point in your preg­nancy did you ‘choose’ and de­cide that this would in­deed be your baby, your child, and not merely a dis­pos­able fe­tus? When did ‘your baby’ be­come a hu­man be­ing, wor­thy of the right to life?

Life is life whether con­ve­nient or not. You ask pro-lif­ers to “rec­og­nize that not all women be­lieve that abor­tion is a sin.” I would ask peo­ple to rec­og­nize that abor­tion is wrong be­cause it is the pre­med­i­tated tak­ing of a hu­man life. Ev­ery abor­tion ends a life. Abor­tion robs a liv­ing, grow­ing, hu­man per­son of the op­por­tu­nity to live his or her life, and it robs the world of some­one who could have made a real dif­fer­ence in the lives of oth­ers. Liz MacDonald, Blooming Point

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