Eval­u­at­ing faith­ful­ness

Jan­uary time to re­flect on spir­i­tual goals for new year

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Ev­ery­thing that God wants you and I to achieve for Him as be­liev­ers must be done within a cer­tain time frame.

The older we get, the closer we are to the end of our earthly race and the more rea­son why we need to con­tin­u­ously eval­u­ate our­selves in the light of the di­vine call­ings and the great­est pur­poses of God for our in­di­vid­ual lives. This is the rea­son I be­lieve that an an­cient sage once said that ‘the un­ex­am­ined life is not worth liv­ing.’

And it’s the same rea­son why the Psalmist en­cour­aged us to ask for a heart of knowl­edge in or­der to num­ber our days on earth.

As be­liev­ers, we must never lose sight of the chief aim of the Chris­tian race, which is to please God and to be­come like Christ. In the text for this writ­ing, Apos­tle Paul eval­u­ated his earthly life and enu­mer­ated the three core things he achieved with time as he neared the tail end of his earthly life. Paul here sub­mit­ted that he fought the good fight, he kept the faith and fin­ished his own race. May you and I not run other peo­ple’s race in life! Thus, we must take to heart the fact that, a day is com­ing in the dis­tant fu­ture when ev­ery­thing we did within the con­text of the time that has been al­lot­ted to each of us would be eval­u­ated not by hu­man stan­dards or ideals but by the stan­dards of God Him­self. And this, I be­lieve is the more rea­son why each of us must un­der­stand the pur­pose of our in­di­vid­ual cre­ation and live the rest of our lives pur­su­ing that sole pur­pose pas­sion­ately.

Part of the need for us to keep eval­u­at­ing our faith­ful­ness to Christ steams from the be­lief that eternity is su­pe­rior to time and man was made for eternity and not for time. God there­fore has given each of us time not to spend, but to in­vest for eternity as we care­fully live out our lives here within the con­text of di­vine will and pur­pose. With this un­der­stand­ing in mind, it is im­per­a­tive for us to know that, God ex­pects us to do cer­tain things within our life­times based on the gift of time, tal­ents and in­di­vid­ual re­sources He has de­posited in our lives. Thus, it is im­por­tant for us to ad­dress the ques­tion of whether we are pro­gres­sively pleas­ing the Lord with the pat­tern and out­flow of our lives.

You and I can con­tin­u­ally put our lives in proper per­spec­tive as we eval­u­ate our­selves within the con­text of the fol­low­ing ques­tions:

1. How are you grow­ing and ma­tur­ing in the na­ture and like­ness of Christ? Gala­tians 2:20

2. Are you cul­ti­vat­ing the right val­ues and liv­ing with ut­most in­tegrity? Philip­pi­ans 1:27

3. Are you car­ing for the in­ter­ests of oth­ers? Gala­tians 5:14

4. How are you de­vel­op­ing your gifts and your tal­ents? Proverbs 18:16

5. What new things are you learn­ing?

6. Who are your ac­count­abil­ity part­ners? 2 Ti­mothy 2:2?

7. Who are the peo­ple in your life that you ought to tell about the love of Christ?

8. Who are the peo­ple in your life you are called to sup­port with ma­te­rial re­lief?

9. Are you faith­fully ex­pect­ing the se­cond com­ing of Christ? Rev­e­la­tions 1:7.

As we start a new year, th­ese are is­sues we have to re­solve even as we lean on God’s grace for a fruit­ful year. May you re­ceive the com­men­da­tion of the Lord in this new year of your life in the name of Je­sus Christ.

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