Stu­dent want­ing to study abroad needs ma­tur­ing.

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Our grand­daugh­ter, “Kim,” is a se­nior in high school. She wants to study in Europe next year to im­prove her skills in a se­cond lan­guage. Nei­ther she nor her par­ents can af­ford the $20,000 or more this will cost. She is also “boy crazy.” An­other worry is the threat of ter­ror­ism and her safety.

Kim’s grand­mother and I see more neg­a­tives than pos­i­tives in this pos­si­bil­ity. Please ad­vise us whether we should voice our opin­ion and what your opin­ion is. – HOLD­ING BACK FOR NOW

DEAR HOLD­ING: If you had de­scribed your grand­daugh­ter as emo­tion­ally ma­ture and re­spon­si­ble, I would give it my bless­ing. How­ever, be­cause you didn’t, in my opin­ion she should con­tinue her school­ing closer to home and pur­sue her in­ter­est in lan­guage arts when she’s fur­ther along in her education and less boy crazy.

DEAR ABBY: My girl­friend has no is­sue with nu­dity. She worked her­self through her mas­ter’s de­gree in fi­nance as an ex­otic dancer. She has a phe­nom­e­nal fig­ure, eats healthy and works out of­ten.

Last year we bought a home in a small res­i­den­tial com­mu­nity, com­plete with a pool. We in­stalled a fence and spent a lot of money on land­scap­ing to give us pri­vacy from our neigh­bors.

We live in Florida and spend a lot of time in our pool, es­pe­cially on week­ends. My girl­friend doesn’t like to wear a swim­suit, and I have no is­sues with it.

At a neigh­bor­hood event re­cently, one of our neigh­bors po­litely asked her if she wouldn’t mind cov­er­ing up when in the pool. She said her kids, and I’m sure her hubby, can see into our yard from their se­cond story. My girl­friend apol­o­gized for their in­con­ve­nience, but told them she wouldn’t be chang­ing her habits in her home to stop an­other fam­ily from gawk­ing.

I see both sides of this. I agree she shouldn’t feel com­pelled to wear a suit to swim in our own pool (or lounge by it). But I can also see the neigh­bor’s side. The pre­teen boys and hus­band can get an eyeful just

about ev­ery week­end, and I don’t think a few tan lines are worth a feud with the neigh­bors. Any sug­ges­tions for my dilemma? – SWIM­SUIT ETI­QUETTE

DEAR S.E.: I, too, can see both sides of this. How­ever, you and your girl­friend have done as much as you can to pro­tect her pri­vacy. You can’t be re­spon­si­ble for your neigh­bor’s hus­band’s and chil­dren’s voyeurism. I don’t think your girl­friend should feel com­pelled to change her life­style be­cause they act like Peep­ing Toms.

I do think it would be health­ier for all con­cerned if your neigh­bor had a talk with her “boys” re­gard­ing their fam­ily’s stan­dards when it comes to na­tur­ism and re­spect­ing the pri­vacy of oth­ers.

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