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de­clar­erwin­ner­sWest Open­ing ex­ited dis­card­ing­played Lead: with three ƆAa a heart di­a­mond­club as from­led to hand.the queenA low but spade West was showed out on the trump con­tin­u­a­tion and the con­tract was down two, N-S -200. De­clarer could have es­caped for down one by play­ing East for the jack of spades. At trick three, he crosses to the ace of clubs to play a trump for the king and ace. The de­fense can cash three di­a­mond tricks but a spade fi­nesse re­sults in down one. West will have shown up with six hearts and one spade but East three hearts and two spades. This in­for­ma­tion sug­gests that East is a fa­vorite to hold the jack of spades. West could emerge with nine tricks at hearts as long as he avoids the loss of two heart tricks. Two trump fi­nesses would cul­mi­nate in de­feat on this lay­out. How­ever, the early play would in­ti­mate that North re­quired a high heart to give him the val­ues for a take­out dou­ble. North would be­gin with a fourth best spade or per­haps the jack of di­a­monds. Ei­ther be­gin­ning should con­vince West that North must hold a top heart since he of­fered a take­out dou­ble dis­clos­ing an open­ing bid. Au­thor: 'DYH :LOOLV YLVLW KLV ZHEVLWH DW­side­ 4XHVWLRQV RQ EULGJH FDQ EH VHQW ZLWK D VWDPSHG VHOI DGGUHVVHG HQYHORSH WR 7KH 1HZ &DQDGLDQ %ULGJH F R 7RUVWDU 6\QGLFDWLRQ 6HUYLFHV 2QH <RQJH 6W 7RURQWR 0 ( ( Copy­right 2017 Torstar Syn­di­ca­tion Ser­vices

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