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West con­tin­ued with a top spade tap­ping dummy. South fol­lowed with the ace, king and a club ruff, es­tab­lish­ing the suit. He played off the top hearts and could claim ten tricks when trump di­vided 3-2 , N-S +170.

The cue bid was Michaels, dis­clos­ing hearts and a mi­nor, but South was not tempted to ven­ture game. He held two aces and three-card heart sup­port but was cog­nizant of the fa­vor­able vul­ner­a­bil­ity. Part­ner would not nec­es­sar­ily hold a good hand. The ma­jor suit game re­quired a 3-3 club di­vi­sion and a 3-2 heart split. West had been wise to sub­side in the auc­tion at un­fa­vor­able vul­ner­a­bil­ity. He owned a solid 17 HCP but part­ner's si­lence war­ranted cau­tion. A spade con­tract would not fare well where West is booked to lose three clubs, two hearts and one di­a­mond as long as he guesses di­a­monds cor­rectly.

West might have opted to open 1NT but North would em­ploy Cap­pel­letti by over­call­ing two hearts promis­ing hearts and a mi­nor. This ac­tion would swiftly be passed out un­less West elects to back in with two spades. In this sce­nario, South's raise to three hearts would bring the auc­tion to a close.

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