Tim­ing of flood doesn’t add up

The Guardian (Charlottetown) - - EDITORIAL -

After reading the let­ters you are print­ing lately, I had to com­ment.

To be­lieve the Bi­ble is lit­er­ally true and the word of God, you must dis­count the fol­low­ing — cos­mol­ogy, physics, bi­ol­ogy, evo­lu­tion, math­e­mat­ics, germ the­ory of dis­ease, chem­istry, astron­omy, ba­si­cally the com­bined sum of hu­man knowl­edge.

Be­cause of a bronze age book with anony­mous au­thors, that has been trans­lated through mul­ti­ple lan­guages, and of which we do not have orig­i­nal copies.

The dat­ing of the flood alone proves the Bi­ble is false. You must be­lieve that eight sur­vivors of a flood dated to 2,300 BC placed all the an­i­mals in the cor­rect places. The sur­vivors and the an­i­mals then had enough off­spring to pop­u­late the world, and had enough ge­netic di­ver­sity to al­low for the vast spec­trum of hu­man­ity and an­i­mal kind that we see to­day.

All the while, the In­dian, Chi­nese and Egyp­tian civ­i­liza­tions have writ­ten records ex­tend­ing to be­fore this non-ex­is­tent flood.

It is su­per­sti­tious non­sense, and I would be more than will­ing to de­bate any­one that has a young earth be­lief.

Doug Perry,

48 Road

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