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Open­ing Lead: ƄK

South won the ace and played an­other spade for West's queen as East dis­carded a heart. West con­tin­ued with the ten and cleared the suit by play­ing a fourth round. With clubs break­ing 3-2, de­clarer was as­sured of eight tricks, N-S +120.

South could have played a di­a­mond at trick two to build a win­ner in that suit. East would score the king and would likely switch to a heart for the queen and ace. South would then have the op­tion of driv­ing out the king of hearts or the ace of di­a­monds for an­other eight tricks.

North wisely sub­sided when part­ner re­bid 2NT since he held a bare bones min­i­mum for the auc­tion. Part­ner would have leaped to 3NT with game val­ues.

A club con­tract yields nine tricks but North could not con­sider this ac­tion be­cause a new suit would be forc­ing. South would then con­tinue un­til game had been reached. In truth, he would ad­vance to 3NT which has no chance un­less West be­gins with an un­likely fourth best spade.

For­tu­nately, West did not re­ceive an op­por­tu­nity to re­bid spades when opener re­bid 2NT. A dou­bled one-trick set of a spade partscore would sad­dle West with a match­point zero.

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