Toronto min­is­ter isn’t a prob­lem

The Guardian (Charlottetown) - - EDITORIAL -

I don’t sup­port Justin Trudeau but I have no prob­lem with Trudeau ap­point­ing a Toronto MP as Min­is­ter of ACOA. The fact that 32 MPs can’t or won’t con­trol dirty pol­i­tics in At­lantic Canada is no sur­prise.

If Trudeau re­ally wants to clean up pol­i­tics on P.E.I. then dis­band the P.E.I. Supreme Court and P.E.I. Court of Ap­peals and merge both courts with the New Brunswick Supreme Court and N.B. Supreme Court of Ap­peal.

Jus­tice Jenk­ins ruled against Le­gal Aid in Septem­ber 1999.

The prov­ince threat­ened a non­cus­to­dial par­ent with ar­rest.

Jenk­ins changed the rules to make court more ac­ces­si­ble but still hasn’t ad­mit­ted his mis­take.

I wrote to At­tor­ney Gen­eral Alan Buchanan in 1994. Since then three peo­ple com­mit­ted sui­cide in two Is­land hos­pi­tals and a four-year-old boy was mur­dered.

Both Jenk­ins and Buchanan haven’t an­swered for their lack of judg­ment.

Trudeau is tak­ing the pol­i­tics out by ap­point­ing a min­is­ter for ACOA from On­tario.

I de­mand Justin Trudeau take the pol­i­tics out of the P.E.I. Supreme by merg­ing the P.E.I. Supreme Court with the New Brunswick Supreme Court.

John W. A. Cur­tis, Summerside

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