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Ed­u­ca­tion is a ser­vice in­dus­try; Is­lan­ders pur­chased up­wards of $275 mil­lion dol­lars’ worth of ed­u­ca­tional ser­vices last year for our young peo­ple alone, and many mil­lions more for the rest of us. I’ve searched for a list of ser­vices of­fered, or pro­vided, but without suc­cess. In the ab­sence of an of­fi­cial list, I’ve cre­ated the one below. it is for ed­u­ca­tional ser­vices gen­er­ally and not just for young peo­ple in school.

Ed­u­ca­tional ser­vices avail­able on P.E.I.:

- In­for­ma­tion di­rected to any and all Is­lan­ders who are in­volved in mak­ing de­ci­sions about their own or some­one else’s ed­u­ca­tion.

- In­struc­tion to in­clude teach­ing as of­fered by schools, col­leges, uni­ver­si­ties, sum­mer camps, cadets, in­de­pen­dent learn­ers or who seek help from oth­ers on a vol­un­teers or fee for ser­vice ba­sis.

- Di­ag­no­sis, sim­i­lar to a visit to a fam­ily doc­tor, to iden­tify the na­ture and ex­tent of ed­u­ca­tional help needed

- Tu­tor­ing, men­tor­ing or coach­ing which is my way of de­scrib­ing all of the one-on-one help pro­vided by one per­son to an­other.

- Guided prac­tice is time needed to prac­tice what has been learned.

- Feed­back which may re­sult from a learn­ers’ per­for­mance on as­sign­ments, as­sess­ments, com­pe­ti­tions, su­per­vised prac­tice or other such ac­tiv­i­ties

- Ma­te­ri­als and tech­nol­ogy in­cludes the in­struc­tional re­sources, other than peo­ple, avail­able to help learn­ers learn.

Some peo­ple in­clude grad­ing and cre­den­tial­ing as an ed­u­ca­tional ser­vice; my search says that they are im­por­tant but not part of ed­u­ca­tion so I have left them off my list.

The search con­tin­ues.

Don Glen­den­ning,

A long-time stu­dent of ed­u­ca­tion

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