School strat­egy has foul odour

The Guardian (Charlottetown) - - EDITORIAL -

Af­ter read­ing The Guardian on Fri­day, July 14, re: Strat­ford and school over­crowd­ing, I am shak­ing my head in won­der­ment.

We have had 11 chil­dren at­tend Ver­non River Con­sol­i­dated over the past 23 years, with one still at­tend­ing, and one pend­ing ap­peal on a trans­fer to Birch­wood. I am not a rocket sci­en­tist, in­tel­lec­tual, etc., but, Ver­non Rover Con­sol­i­dated is a K-9 school not op­er­at­ing at ca­pac­ity, and the Pub­lic Schools Branch is tak­ing stu­dents from the ju­nior high com­po­nent and send­ing them to the city. Hmmm, some­thing has a foul odour.

Be­ing sim­ple in my think­ing, a light came on! Why not take some of the ju­nior high stu­dents from the far-east reaches of Strat­ford and send them to Ver­non River? Re­in­state K-9 at Don­agh and send more over­flow from Strat­ford. If you have th­ese schools at ca­pac­ity, it takes pres­sure off of the city schools and makes room for city stu­dents.

The build­ings are al­ready there and, if re­sources are needed, hir­ing teach­ers is a less ex­pen­sive op­tion than a new build­ing and as­so­ci­ated main­te­nance, buses etc.

Just a thought, or have the de­ci­sions al­ready been made Mr. mayor and Mr. Grim­mer? Look­ing for­ward to your pub­lic re­ply. Paul R. Chan­dler,

Mount Mel­lick

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