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A 33-year-old man be­ing mer­ci­lessly teased about his body odour sought read­ers’ sug­ges­tions (July 12).

This ad­vice col­umn tapped a huge re­source pool of read­ers who cared enough to re­spond:

Reader #1- “Try an oc­ca­sional bath in Ep­som salts and use an an­tibac­te­rial-type of soap (odor’s caused by bac­te­ria con­sum­ing the se­bum re­leased from our sweat glands).

“I’ve used Hibi­clens (skin cleanser and an­ti­sep­tic) but there’s an­other avail­able at phar­ma­cies. They’re also used prior to surgery to pre­vent bac­te­ria that may be in the skin from in­fect­ing sur­gi­cal sites.

“Rub­bing-al­co­hol wipes also help some­what as a tem­po­rary fix. Co­conut oil helps. These work well if get­ting skin in­fec­tions or acne fre­quently.

“If only ex­pe­ri­enc­ing odour and ex­ces­sive sweat­ing, switch to lighter, breath­able fab­rics (ac­tive-wear hi-tech t-shirts i.e. ex­er­cise wear).

“Get an an­tiper­spi­rant (even try un­scented). The gel kind works bet­ter than the stick kind.

“If needed, pre­scrip­tion­strength an­tiper­spi­rants may be ob­tained from a doc­tor, e.g. at a walk-in clinic.”

Reader #2 - “Some peo­ple say that soap washes away bac­te­ria from the skin and lets† it be re­placed by smellier va­ri­eties.

“We no longer use soap, shower ev­ery cou­ple of days, and have found that BO is now very rare.”

Reader #3 - “I’m a 60-year-old woman try­ing to deal with the fol­low­ing prob­lem (which oc­curs on and off) over the past two years.

“Only when I get up off a chair (at work or on pub­lic trans­port) a strong odour arises from my crotch area but it’s a fab­ric is­sue.

“Believe me, I’ve looked into my eat­ing and drink­ing habits. I bathe/shower ev­ery day. I shave the area.

“I’ve stopped send­ing my slacks to the dry-cleaner and wash them at home.

“I sus­pect the prob­lem may be caused by what I call “syn­thetic on syn­thetic.”

“The clothes we wear nowa­days are no more 100% nat­u­ral fi­bres, nei­ther are the plas­tic or fab­ric-cov­ered chairs we sit on. (My pants don’t smell be­fore or after my hav­ing been seated).

“Of course, I’m very much aware of the odour and avoid eye-con­tact when I get up from a seat. (I don’t cross my legs when I sit.) All this is very dis­tress­ing.

“The fol­low­ing mea­sures al­le­vi­ate the prob­lem some­what. A) I now also ap­ply (scent-free) de­odor­ant to the in­ner part of my legs, next to the panty line. B) At the end of my bath/ shower I rinse the area with bak­ing soda. Be care­ful, as that stuff makes the floor very slip­pery. †(Does any­body have any other sug­ges­tions be­fore I break a leg or worse?)” Lady in Dis­tress Reader #4 - “I had a sim­i­lar prob­lem, though it was re­stricted to my un­der­arms. When­ever I would get warm in my un­der­arms, there would be an aw­ful smell.

“It started as soon as I hit pu­berty. I tried ev­ery­thing avail­able un­til, much later, a der­ma­tol­o­gist said it was “hy­per­hidro­sis,” and sug­gested Bo­tox for my un­der­arms.

“It was an ab­so­lute life­saver! I was newly post-menopausal when I first tried it, and it was an ab­so­lute game-changer.

“I did it for three con­sec­u­tive sum­mers (it lasted three to four months), and then I stopped per­spir­ing!

“I have no idea if that was be­cause the nerves were dead­ened, or if it was due to menopause (the only pos­i­tive thing, haha).

“There are many der­ma­tol­o­gists who pro­vide this ser­vice.

“Hope the Bo­tox can help this guy, too.”


Don’t suf­fer mis­er­ably with a per­sonal prob­lem that oth­ers may’ve ex­pe­ri­enced. Reach out to all re­sources pos­si­ble.

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