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1 Nu­tri­tion­ally, green beans pro­vide the body with lots of fiber and pro­tein. They are also very low in fat, while con­tain­ing an­tiox­i­dants, Vi­ta­mins A and C, fo­late, mag­ne­sium and potas­sium.

2 Green beans, snow peas, green peas, and other green legumes en­cap­su­lated in pods are of­ten ques­tioned in the Pa­leo world. Are they Pa­leo? The short an­swer is yes, but here’s why. When we say don’t eat legumes, it’s be­cause legumes have cer­tain anti-nu­tri­ents in them, like phytic acid and lectins.

3 Green bean is herba­ceous plant that be­longs to legume fam­ily (Fabi­aceae). It orig­i­nates from Peru, but it can be found around the world to­day. Peo­ple cul­ti­vate and eat green beans at least 7,000 years.

4 There are more than 130 va­ri­eties of green bean that dif­fer in taste and in the color and size of pods.

5 Green beans re­quire di­rect sun, well-drained soil and 21 to 27 de­grees of Cel­sius for suc­cess­ful growth. This is the third most pop­u­lar gar­den plant (af­ter tomato and pep­pers).

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