Su­per­mar­kets be­ing shorted

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I have a beef and it is not about Burger Love. Although I am not a fan, in fact en­joyed a veg­gie burger in this month of April, with a gluten-free bun. Yea for Laura’s Coun­try Kitchen in Mount Ste­wart.

But what I’m up­set about is the fact that a very good dairy milk sub­sti­tute, Rice Dream Orig­i­nal is not to be found in any P.E.I. su­per­mar­kets and I’ve run out.

I be­gan drink­ing this prod­uct four years ago, when deal­ing with some health issues. And I love it. I tell you, a cold glass of Rice Dream goes well with a warm cookie. And it works great in my morn­ing tea as well.

I have con­sis­tently called and gone into the lo­cal su­per­mar­kets in Char­lot­te­town and Strat­ford not find­ing it.

The re­frain I’ve been hear­ing is we were shorted. But one very dili­gent young lady at At­lantic Su­per­store called into the U.S. to the mak­ers of the prod­uct and found there is a prob­lem with pro­duc­tion.

So how long do I have to do with­out it? That re­mains to be seen.

Are we such a small prov­ince that we have these in­con­sis­ten­cies in prod­uct sup­ply? I wanted to buy a can of gin­ger ale in Char­lot­te­town and had to go to four stores to find one. And I saw large quan­ti­ties of en­ergy drinks in these stores. Those should be banned. Enough said.

Kathy Birt, Mount Ste­wart

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