Build­ing and ren­o­va­tions

The Gulf News (Port aux Basques) - - Editorial -

In spite of the scarcity and high price of lum­ber due to the pro­longed ef­fect of the war, many new build­ings were un­der con­struc­tion and re­pairs and ren­o­va­tions were be­ing made to oth­ers.

Ex-ser­vice­man Thomas Hann’s pool room was un­der­way. Nathan Chas­sion had sold out his busi­ness to Fred Beauchamp and in­tended to start busi­ness else­where. Mr. Leitch of Cor­ner Brook and his as­sis­tant spent a few days here sur­vey­ing the roads and the town. Many im­prove­ments were be­ing planned by the town coun­cil. The U. S. Coast. Guard ship Wood­bine was in port with sup­plies for re­build­ing the Amer­i­can Base at Mouse Is­land. Both the United Church and St. James School were hav­ing im­prove­ments made to their ap­pear­ance.

The United Church peo­ple were mak­ing ex­ten­sive re­pairs to their church build­ing. A new roof was put on the west side, re­pairs had been made on the tower and the whole build­ing had been painted out­side. All the work was com­pleted un­der the ca­pa­ble su­per­vi­sion of Joseph Feltham and the build­ing presents a very whole­some ap­pear­ance. Much credit was due to those vol­un­teers re­spon­si­ble. The United Church School had also been given some con­sid­er­a­tion and a sys­tem of cen­tral heat­ing had been in­stalled as well as a sew­er­age sys­tem. These im­prove­ments were a great help to pupils and teach­ers in cop­ing with both com­fort and san­i­tary con­di­tions around the school.

Dur­ing the past month em­ploy­ees of the Depart­ment of Nat­u­ral Re­sources were in town mak­ing some changes to the Bait De­pot de­signed by W. Edge­combe, chief bait de­pot en­gi­neer. In spite of de­lays caused by a short­age of stock, they had com­pleted the new meat room con­tain­ing 50 pri­vate lock­ers, in­stalled new elec­tric mo­tors, new com­pres­sors and a new sharp Freezer for the meat room. The freez­ing ca­pac­ity has been en­larged from 10,000 to 15,000 pounds and the to­tal stor­age ca­pac­ity of the de­pot is 400,000 pounds. The Bait De­pot will be pow­ered and heated by elec­tric­ity. In case of a power fail­ure there is a diesel in­stalled that can take care of the plant and keep even tem­per­a­ture in all stor­age rooms. The whole build­ing both in­side and out­side had been painted and was seen to be in first class or­der. The De­pot was well kept un­der the ca­pa­ble man­age­ment of Garfield Wal­ters as­sisted by Matthew Bun­gay.

Dur­ing the com­mer­cial sal­mon fish­ing sea­son, Nel­son Miles and James Hardy, both fish buy­ers, ar­rived in Port aux Basques with large ship­ments of sal­mon for ex­port. They had col­lected the sal­mon from fish­ing vil­lages down along the south coast.

Re­turn­ing from ser­vice overseas was James Pike and Ed­ward Skeard. James Pike, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Pike served in the Royal Air Force. Ed­ward Skeard, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Skeard, was re­turn­ing to Scot­land where he will re­side with his Scot­tish bride.

On Me­mo­rial Day, July 1, 1946, an im­pres­sive ser­vice was held in Chan­nel at the War Mon­u­ment by the Court House. Many wreaths were laid in mem­ory of the loved ones whose names are listed on the mon­u­ment. Those who bravely gave their lives for King and Coun­try in the First World War.

Ranger LeGrow was trans­ferred to Port Hope Simp­son, Labrador. Ranger Stevens had ar­rived from St. John’s to take up po­lice du­ties in this town. Mag­is­trate Arthur E. Cramm and fam­ily ar­rived in town re­cently. Mag­is­trate Cramm came to re­place Mag­is­trate G. Pen­ney who had been pro­moted to Dis­trict Mag­is­trate at Bon­av­ista.

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