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The Gulf News (Port aux Basques) - - PUZZLES - By Ti­mothy E. Parker



1|Def­i­nitely more pe­cu­liar 6|Estrada on a hog on TV 10|Love han­dles, es­sen­tially 14|Pickle juice? 19|City in Utah 20|Long­est river 21|Im­por­tant vot­ing cau­cus state 22|Where peo­ple get clowned and see big bucks 23|With in­de­fati­ga­ble en­ergy 25|Pickle type 26|Mr. Pinker­ton or Poe’s mid­dle name 27|Type of plane with pow­er­ful cam­eras 28|Gaunt and string-beany 29|Smooth ap­pli­ance? 31|” Taps” per­form­ers 33|Ms. Peron of Ar­gentina 34|Ge­netic stuff with uracil 35|Fake a sig­na­ture 36|Idi­tarod par­tic­i­pant 40|Cleopa­tra was one 43|Downey of TV 47|Suc­co­tash bean 48|On its way to you 50|Gil­bert of “Roseanne” 51|Lofty, proud gait 53|Harsh in taste 55|”___ Father, who art ...” 57|What you pay for su­per as­sis­tance? 59|Type of fish 60|Coun­try pic­nic event 64|Small game with huge ears 65|Male gen­eral’s hon­orific 66|Florida tourist town 67|They can eat you out of house and home 69|Agi­tate, as sed­i­ment 70|Cover for a lawn’s bald­ness 72|Russo of Hol­ly­wood 73|Brought bad luck upon 77|Un­sightly sight 80|Lit­tle Jack Horner’s last words 83|Pen­man­ship word at­tached to -gra­phy 84|Se­ri­ously overused cliche 87|Like a fee­ble old woman 88|One thing to do in a bowl 89|Port stop on a Brazil­ian cruise 90|Baby de­liv­erer of fairy tales 91|Go back to a for­mer way of do­ing things 93|Big pile 95|Benumb or be­daze 98|” Where ___ could it be?” 99|One giv­ing a vis­ual as­sess­ment 100|Went past a tar­get 103|With more of a bit­ing chill, as win­ter air 105|Con­trib­u­tor to the Red Cross 107|Walk-___ (clients sans ap­point­ments) 108|White Sox city, on score­boards 109|Put into a dan­ger­ous sit­u­a­tion 112|Nat King’s last or Porter’s first 114|Small, thin cut 115|Polly Hol­l­i­day ti­tle sit­com role 118|French River of Or­leans 119|Unattrac­tive, wrinkly cit­rus fruit 121|Ve­hi­cle for the mo­bil­ity im­paired 124|Low-down dance? 125|Junk that gets de­liv­ered 126|Dis­tinc­tive but in­tan­gi­ble air about a per­son 127|Raise, as a sail 128|Kills a dragon 129|They’re not for the mod­est 130|Fis­cal pe­riod, of­ten 131|In­di­ca­tions of puppy com­plaints



2|It can start a sta­lac­tite 3|Fish­er­man’s boat 4|Mom of Abel 5|Cre­ated a dough ball 6|Lure into a trap 7|World dom­i­na­tion game 8|Hardly hale 9|En­ter­ing on a computer (with “in”) 10|Generic dog name like Rover or 79-Down 11|Cer­tain pork cut 12|Leather­worker’s puncher 13|Rocky in films 14|North Carolina fort 15|Shoe with wheels 16|Go nowhere in neu­tral 17|Close by 18|Long spans of many years 24|Chalet roof fea­tures 30|Things caught by sun­bathers 32|Large bev­er­age servers 34|Sec­ond part of a round trip 35|He’s en­gaged 36|Deli side dishes 37|Chi­nese fruit with a brit­tle shell (var.) 38|One spell­ing for a Kuwaiti big­wig 39|Chal­lenge (some­one) 41|Last of Henry VIII’s Cather­ines 42|Pay for ev­ery­one at the table 44|Ex­tremely busy Mid­west air­port 45|Spouses 46|Thumbs-up votes, at sea 49|Ephron or Dunn 52|Fea­ture of used fire­places 54|More gory, as a hor­ror film 56|Cur­tain hold­ers 58|Cause of white knuck­les 61|Piz­zazz or vigor 62|Divvies up or dis­trib­utes ac­cord­ingly 63|Ro­manced 68|Type of pit­tance? 69|Sport that in­volves fight­ing and laps 71|Hair col­orist 73|Mr. ___ (“Green Acres” con man) 74|Mar­tini in­sert 75|Op­tional word? 76|Not as wet 78|Has life 79|Stain 80|Fancy gar­lic may­on­naise 81|Code with a lot of tap­ping 82|Part of a print­ing press 83|Type of kids’ bear 85|Some his­tor­i­cal times 86|Word with “lively” or “on it” 92|Col­lette or Brax­ton 94|Riz­zuto or Es­pos­ito 96|Not easy to un­der­stand 97|Cae­sar’s zero 101|One thing a re­mote con­trols 102|Like some nar­row streets 104|Fluc­tu­at­ing be­tween too sharp and not, as a voice 106|Some mul­ti­col­ored cook­ies 109|Trou­bles, as of so­ci­ety 110|Work very hard 111|Fine cot­ton 112|Muse of his­tory 113|Corn and canola 114|Ro­man evening 115|Cer­tainly not pass 116|Cer­tain speech prob­lem 117|Leftover scraps 120|Quick joke 122|Qual­ity of a color 123|Weed chop­per

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