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Thank you to the tal­ented writ­ers who sub­mit­ted en­tries for The Gulf News sec­ond an­nual Scary Story con­test. The last of our en­tries are cour­tesy of the Grade 6 and Grade 7 stu­dents at Bur­geo Academy.

The Gulf News would like to thank co-spon­sors — the New­found­land and Labrador Laubach Lit­er­acy Coun­cil and Wild­flower Com­pany.

Fol­low­ing are the spooky en­tries:


There was a Witcher that was in need of coin. He was asked to get some­thing back from some ban­dits. The witcher was up to the task. He went to the camp, looked around a bit, then heard the noise of a woman scream­ing at the top of her lungs.

He ran over to the house, try­ing to open the door, but some­thing was block­ing it. He looked around the house, then found a base­ment door. He opened the door. The scream­ing stopped. He knew then it was a wraith. He had to kill it but it was to off putting.

Then it at­tacked him, cut­ting his leg. He hit it with his sliver sword, cut­ting it deep. Blood was com­ing out of both of them. He blocked the next at­tack then he hit it. Then it screamed in pain. He fin­ished it by im­pal­ing it in the back.

He tried to stop the bleed­ing by drink­ing some­thing, then eat­ing a plant. He re­turned the ring to the man who paid him with coin. A lot too. The Witcher rode his steed to a tav­ern. He walked in. Hear­ing peo­ple talk, he asked if the bar­tender had any herbs.

She looked at him weirdly, ask­ing him why. He said, “Why do you care?”

“Just won­der­ing.” He got the herbs, then left when he got to a cas­tle. He made some­thing out of the herbs. He drank it and just saw black…

Then there was light but he could barely see. It all came back to him. But he was be­ing dragged! He looked up to see some ban­dits. He kicked one of them and they let him go. The Witcher was de­cap­i­tat­ing the ban­dits. He knew they didn’t know how to fight. The Witcher left af­ter killing them. He looked at his map to find a cer­tain cave. He was go­ing to he called his steed. By the time he got there ev­ery­thing was de­mol­ished. The sound of grow­ing was get­ting more quiet. By the time passed then he saw it - a mino­taur. He sneaked up and jumped on top of it. Stab­bing it with all his might. It fi­nally dropped. Then he walked away. His axe was thrown at the Witcher.


One night on Hal­loween me, Lance, Kennedy were trick or treat­ing. We walked all around Bur­geo but we saw a house we never saw in Bur­geo be­fore. We walked up to the house and then we knocked on the door and it sprung open and hit us in the face. It hurt a lot.

We moved back and walked in. It was aban­doned. I had this feel­ing that some­thing was off but I didn’t say any­thing. But it also felt we were walk­ing in cir­cles and there was no exit.

We thought that we were trapped but we weren’t. We saw a clown in the hall­way. He said, “What’s your names?” We replied Gre­gory, Lance and Kennedy.

He said, “What nice names.” Then he dis­ap­peared out of sight. Af­ter I pulled out my phone and tried to call my mom but there was no ser­vice. So I turned on my phone flash­light so we could see bet­ter. Down the hall­way there were some dead bod­ies and blood where the clown was stand­ing. Then we heard laugh­ter. The floor started to crack and fall apart so we ran up­stairs. The clown fell into the water where the floors broke and dis­solved into the water.

Then the water rose and the bot­tom floor was cov­ered un­der water. We found a win­dow and de­cided to jump out to get out of the house. When we got out we were in a dif­fer­ent world. There were mon­sters walk­ing around.

We crawled back in through the win­dow. It was weird be­cause we were back to nor­mal in our cos­tumes trick or treat­ing in­stead of the water in the house. The front door was back so we ran out­side. The next day was Nov. 1st and that was my Hal­loween ex­pe­ri­ence.


Once upon a time there was a ten year old ghost named Tom. He lived his ghost life in a lonely dark cave. He was a friendly ghost who would never scare any­one. But he al­ways wanted to be around kids his age.

As he was won­der­ing what to do some kids walked by. They did not see him. They were talk­ing about some­thing called Hal­loween. “What are you go­ing to dress up as”? one asked.

“I’m go­ing to be a ghost,” he replied. The other kid said, “I’m go­ing to be a ghost too!” They both started laugh­ing. All of a sud­den Tom the ghost ap­peared right in front of them and said “Hi. I’m a ghost.”

Both kids looked at Tom and then at each other. They started to scream loudly and turned to run.

They kept run­ning as fast as they could un­til one of the kids fell down and scraped his knee. His friend helped him up, and as they were get­ting ready to run again they heard a voice say­ing, “Please, don’t be afraid of me. I’m a friendly ghost. I just want to be your friend.”

Both the kids just lis­tened to the ghost talk­ing, but this time nei­ther of them started to run, or even felt like scream­ing. Tom went on to say “I’m sorry if I scared you. I didn’t try to. It’s just that I don’t have any friends and I live alone in a dark cave.”

Both kids started to talk to the ghost. They got to see what a friendly ghost he was. Tom helped them with their spooky ghost cos­tumes, and he even went trick or treat­ing with them for Hal­loween. Tom ended up not be­ing a lonely ghost any­more. They all be­came good friends.


On the night of Oc­to­ber 31st, a lit­tle girl named Sarah was trick or treat­ing with her sis­ter Julie. They went to their fi­nal house and said ‘’trick or treat’’. Then a very old man said, ‘’A trick you will get,’’ and grabbed and pulled the girls in­side! The old man made them sit down in old chairs.

Then all of a sud­den the lights flicked and a pic­ture fell off the wall. Sarah and Julie screamed. The old man said, ‘’I`ll make it stop lit­tle girls.’’ Then he said, ‘’Dar­lin Re­becca you’re scar­ing the kids’’. Then a voice said out of nowhere, “Never. I am your one and only so make them GO AWAY’’!

Sarah fell on the floor with fright and Julie yelled, ‘’Let us go…please?!” Then the voice said, ‘’If he won`t get rid of you I will’’. Then a beam fell and al­most hit the girls! Sarah and Julie were cry­ing now. The old man said, ‘’Here is your treat’’ and handed them both a choco­late bar. The old man opened the door and the girls ran with­out look­ing back.

‘’That was scary’’ said Julie. ‘’Yeah it was’’ Sarah said. All of a sud­den some­thing was shak­ing the girls… it was their lit­tle sis­ter yelling, ‘’Wake up. It`s Hal­loween,’’ rac­ing from bed to bed. ‘’

“I had the worst dream,’’ said Sarah. ‘’So did I, ‘’ Julie said. They both told each other their dreams and said, ‘’That is so weird’’.

That night they went Trick or Treat­ing and they reached that house once again. Sarah whis­pered, ‘’Nope. Not to­day.’’ Julie whis­pered back, ‘’Yeah’’. They fin­ished trick or treat­ing and never went to that house ever again!


One spooky night 5 friends - Ameah, An­drew, Kennedy, Alexan­der, and Alexan­der’s younger brother Finn. They all went to Kennedy’s house (the next day would be Hal­loween). Be­side Kennedy’s house there was an old aban­doned house.

”Lets go ex­plore that house over there,” said Alexan­der.

“ARE U CRAZY OR SOME­THING?!” screamed Alexan­der’s younger brother Finn.

“Calm down,” whis­pered An­drew. “Let’s go,” said Kennedy. “Ok,” said Ameah. So they all headed over to the aban­doned house.


It’s just a spi­der web Finn,” said Ameah. “How old are u any­way?” asked Kennedy.

“I’m nine,” replied Finn. “Alexan­der, you should bring him home. I think he’s scared,” said Kennedy. “Yeah, come on Finn.”

“Wait. Where is Finn?!” said Alexan­der.

“Finn!” yelled An­drew.

“He just dis­ap­peared,” said Ameah. “How about we all split up to go find him?”

“Yeah sure,” said Kennedy. So they all split up to go and try to find Finn. Alexan­der told them be­fore they left to meet up at the front at 11:00.

At 11:00 Alexan­der went back to the front of the house but no one else came back! “Uh guys,” said Alexan­der, “Where are you guys?!!” cried Alexan­der.

He went back to “search” for them but he could not find them! Alexan­der called his mom who showed up with the po­lice. The po­lice searched for them. One year later the po­lice found all of their bod­ies in the at­tic of the build­ing! None of them were alive. Later they found out that Alexan­der was the one who se­cretly killed them! He snuck be­hind them, dragged them to the at­tic and killed them. That’s why he was the only one alive.


It was a dark, cold, night and the town of Tamville was hav­ing its yearly Spook Trail. Tamara was very ex­cited to go be­cause she had never been to one be­fore. This year it was tak­ing place at the town arena – the Storm Sta­dium – and her fam­ily were go­ing to walk there to­gether.

It was really windy and the wind was scary through the trees and made scary noises. Then some­thing jumped out in front of them. It had yel­low eyes. Tamara screeched. It was a black cat. It hissed at them, then it dis­ap­peared into the bushes. Fi­nally they all ar­rived at the spook trail. They en­tered a dark build­ing and heard some mu­sic. It was loud. They were scared but ex­cited.

As they walked through the spook trail peo­ple popped out and tried to scare them. Some­one grabbed Sa­muel’s leg and pulled him. He said, “Aaaah­hhh! Stop it!” Then they all laughed. They kept go­ing and oth­ers kept try­ing to scare them. It was a lot of fun.

Fi­nally they came to the end and were out­side. Tamara said, “That wasn’t that scary!” Just then a dark shadow in the cor­ner moved. Sa­muel said, “What’s that??!!” The shadow grew taller and taller. It turned to­wards them. It had yel­low eyes. They all screamed! Then Mr. Barter yelled,

“Boo!! Happy Hal­loween!!” THE KILLER BY SIERRA, GRADE 7

One stormy night in the Symes man­sion, there was a knock on the down­stairs win­dow next to the din­ing ta­ble…. But no­body heard it be­cause they were in the movie the­ater watch­ing Ho­tel Tran­syl­va­nia with the kids. There were two twins. Their names were Mi­ley and Macken­zie. There is one other daugh­ter named Marty.

A few hours later at 12:00 the twins were sleep­ing and Marty was in her room watch­ing Net­flix. The par­ents were in the liv­ing room and heard a knock on the liv­ing room win­dow so loud that it shook the whole room.

The dad ran over to the door and peaked out­side but be­fore he could even look a knife flew past him. He shut the door and locked it. As soon as he sat back down he saw a man in the win­dow in a red devil cos­tume star­ing at them. They screamed.

Marty ran down­stairs say­ing, “What’s go­ing on?” They ex­plained ev­ery­thing as the red devil wrote some­thing on the win­dow with some­thing that looked like blood. It said “RUN.” Then the red devil ran out of sight.

They ran up­stairs, wak­ing the twins up and told them to hide in the closet and not to move. Marty ran into her room and hid un­der the bed and the par­ents hid in the base­ment.

As soon as they were hid­den they heard the lock burst and the door swing open. The red devil ran to the twin’s room, find­ing them in the closet. They screamed as he drove the knife right through them.

Then he went to Marty’s room stab­bing her in the back and run­ning away he couldn’t find the par­ents so he ran away.

They called 911. Marty sur­vived but the twins never. That’s what hap­pened that ter­ri­ble night.


One night on Oc­to­ber 31st, two lit­tle girls were out trick or treat­ing. It was a windy, stormy night. They couldn’t even hear each other speak! Sarah went to a red house and Rose went to a white, old look­ing house.

Sarah knocked on the door. No one an­swered. Rose knocked on the old house’s door and….. An old lady opened the door and just looked at her with­out even mov­ing or speak­ing.

When Rose turned around….a dog with foam and blood com­ing out of his mouth growled at her. Rose ran into the old lady’s house and the old lady shut the door right be­hind her! The old lady told Rose to take a seat and she walked slowly over to the kitchen and opened the drawer.

Rose just looked around, hop­ing Sarah would come. Rose thought to her­self, OMG. WHY DOES SHE HAVE A KNIFE? …Rose ran out the door but the dog was still there and he chased her all the way to the red house where Sarah was. Rose started yelling out to Sarah. SARAH, SARAH! HELP!

Sarah turned around and started run­ning to­wards Rose. When Sarah was about five feet away from Rose, the dog turned around and went back home.

“Rose, that was a very creepy house. Let’s hope there is no more like that,” said Sarah.

“Yeah. Did you get any candy?” Rose asked.

“No,” Sarah said. “Same here. Let’s try this house.”

“Okay,” said Rose. They both knocked on the door. “Trick or treat”.

Rose’s eyes opened wide. Sarah whis­pered, “What’s wrong, Rose? It’s… it’s… it’s her.”


“The old lady!”

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