Why can’t Amer­i­cans see their own ter­ror?

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RE: Dal­las shoot­ings Don­ald Trump’s ar­gu­ment that if you arm ev­ery­one — like he has sug­gested about the Paris shoot­ings — the car­nage would not have hap­pened, does not hold up when a de­ranged gun­man kills five heav­ily armed po­lice­man and in­jures many oth­ers.

Amer­ica needs to wake up to the real­ity that guns should only be car­ried by peo­ple who have gone through rig­or­ous tests and check­ups, with yearly fol­lowups. Car­ry­ing guns should not be a right, but a very sad ne­ces­sity only for those who need to bear arms, ex­clud­ing the gen­eral pop­u­la­tion.

When tod­dlers can shoot and kill each other, which hap­pens too fre­quently in the U.S., peo­ple in­clud­ing the NRA and the Repub­li­can Party have a lot to an­swer for. For the Chris­tian right in the U.S. (Sarah Palin and her fol­low­ers), the right to carry arms seems to far out­weigh the com­mand­ment Thou Shalt not Kill.

The mood in Amer­ica is turn­ing ugly and racial ten­sions are get­ting scarier. Com­bined with guns, this seems like a tin­der­box. ISIL is killing fewer peo­ple through its sui­cide at­tacks than Amer­i­cans are killing each other with guns.

How come Amer­i­cans are so ob­sessed with the war on ter­ror yet can’t see and act on it in their own coun­try? Mar­garet Jolink, An­caster

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