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Can you help me with a prob­lem that I am hav­ing with the used car dealer where I pur­chased a car about six months ago? The car has been back to the dealer about four times now and the prob­lem still has not been ad­dressed. The prob­lem is that the car is burn­ing oil and blue smoke is com­ing out of the ex­haust when I am go­ing down hills. I have asked on sev­eral oc­ca­sions to see the etest that was done at the time of sale and they still have not pro­duced that to me. I have ex­pressed con­cern about hav­ing to have the car e-tested when I re­new my li­cense and they told me to just bring the car to them and they will see that it does pass. Volkswagen may get away with pol­lut­ing cars but I can as­sure you that I will not be able to. Can you do some­thing about used car deal­ers rip­ping off the pub­lic or are you in their pocket as well as all other so called help agen­cies.

– Ron from Hamil­ton


I can as­sure you that I am not in any­one’s pocket. Your poorly thought out re­marks in your ques­tion re­minds me of one politi­cian who was run­ning for a gov­ern­ment po­si­tion and who told hun­dreds of peo­ple that he was go­ing to lay them off if he got elected. You are ask­ing for help and then try­ing to in­sult me at the same time, how­ever, I did look into your prob­lem any­way. Your bill of sale dif­fers from the bill of sale from the dealer. The dealer told me that the car was bought “AS IS” and that the cost was much less than that car should have cost you. He also told me that you were aware of the oil burn­ing and that you were a tech­ni­cal per­son who was HPJOH UP lY UIF FOHJOF ZPVSTFMG 5IF EFBMFS

also told me that you were go­ing to have the DBS F UFTUFE XIFO ZPV lOJTIFE UIF FOHJOF SF­pairs and I now won­der how you trans­ferred the car in your name with­out the e-test. I am not say­ing that you have not told me all the truth but your copy of the bill of sale does not have the words “AS IS” on it. For some rea­son, the words “AS IS” is black­ened out on the bill of sale that you e-mailed to me. If any of these facts are not cor­rect then you can con­tact me again.


I had my car re­paired at a lo­cal body shop in town. When I got the car back there was a very strong odor in the car and it was also dusty in­side. When I went back to the body shop, they told me that they did not, at that time, have time to clean it out and I was sup­posed to call them the next week to get the car cleaned. I called about two days later and they told me that they would get back to me and af­ter the sec­ond call, they still have not con­tacted me. I called my in­sur­ance and they told me that the clean up was be­tween the body shop and me. Can you con­tact them for me and have the car cleaned? I will be away the week of July 18, 2016 so any time in the week of July 25, I can go back to the body shop. – Ela from Kitch­ener


While speak­ing to the owner of the body shop, he was quite an­noyed that his peo­ple did not take the car in im­me­di­ately and have it cleaned prop­erly for you. He told me that he was hav­ing a prob­lem get­ting good clean up peo­ple but that prob­lem he claims, should not have had any bear­ing on why you were brushed aside. You are to call him on July 25, 2016 and he will make sure that your car is cleaned and he will also give you a cour­tesy car for that day.


I have a 1946 Chevrolet six cylin­der that I pur­chased from an older gen­tle­man and have for the past six weeks be­ing try­ing to get it started. To be­gin with, I am not a me­chanic but I have worked on cars for the past ten years as a hobby. I re­placed the spark plugs but I think that I got the spark plug wires crossed. I spoke to two dif­fer­ent meDIBOJDT POF UPME NF UIBU UIF lSJOH PSEFS JT

654321 and the other me­chanic told me that UIF lSJOH PSEFS JT #PUI EP OPU TFFN to work prop­erly be­cause the ve­hi­cle keeps PO CBDLlSJOH XIFO * USZ UP TUBSU JU * BMTP DBOOPU lOE UIF UJNJOH NBSL PO UIF GSPOU IBS­mon­ica bal­ancer even though I have cleaned JG PGG $BO ZPV QPTTJCMZ lOE UIF DPSSFDU lSJOH

or­der and if the tim­ing mark on the bal­ancer is worn off, how do you set the tim­ing?

– Mike from Sim­coe


The ig­ni­tion tim­ing mark is not on the front har­monic bal­ancer. It is a steel ball UIBU JT MPDBUFE PO UIF mZXIFFM XIJDI ZPV

can see through an oval hole on the left rear side of the en­gine, if you are stand­ing in front of the car. If the ve­hi­cle has the orig­i­nal 216 IPSTF QPXFS FOHJOF UIFO UIF lSJOH PSEFS

would be 153624. If it is the orig­i­nal dis­trib­u­tor cap, the num­ber one should be marked on the top of the cap.

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