We all fall short of God’s tar­gets


RE: Angli­cans bat­tered but on the side of right (July 16)

Folks with some affin­ity for re­li­gion may want a Fa­ther in heaven who is kind and well-dis­posed to­ward them. How­ever, many over­look the ne­ces­sity of read­ing care­fully the Bi­ble he has left for the faith­ful. For ex­am­ple, God in­sti­tuted mar­riage be­tween one man and one wo­man at the very be­gin­ning of cre­ation.

In Ro­mans we read that God does not con­done ho­mo­sex­ual prac­tices.

The An­gli­can Church has placed it­self above God, or at the very least, she no longer reads the en­tire Bi­ble, dis­re­gard­ing the pas­sages that have be­come in­con­ve­nient. The ed­i­tor ap­plauds the de­ci­sion. He states: “It makes sense in terms of the church’s rel­e­vance.” He then fol­lows with: “Ev­ery­one knows that the drive for eq­uity and mu­tual re­spect won’t be turned back. Get with it or get out of the way.”

He should know there are many Chris­tians who will do nei­ther since a church can only be rel­e­vant when she hon­ours God’s word. In this con­text that means we do this by striv­ing for mu­tual re­spect while dis­ap­prov­ing of an un­bib­li­cal life­style. And to do so in hum­ble aware­ness that all of us fall far short of the mark God has set for us. W. Smouter, Mount Hope

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