Car­rie-Anne Moss longs to re­turn home

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TORONTO — Cana­dian ac­tress Car­rie-Anne Moss has carved out an es­teemed ca­reer in Los An­ge­les but ad­mits she thinks about mov­ing back home “like ev­ery day, all day.”

The Van­cou­ver-raised star, who can be seen in sea­son 2 of the AMC sci-fi hit “Hu­mans” kick­ing off Mon­day, says the U.S. has been great to her. She’s met “so many amaz­ing friends” and has seen “many peo­ple who are re­ally do­ing in­cred­i­ble things” where she lives, she noted in a phone in­ter­view.

But her heart lies north of the bor­der and she’s al­ways thought about re­turn­ing.

“That’s where I’m from and Canada is such an amaz­ing coun­try and I’m so proud to be Cana­dian... My hus­band is a dual cit­i­zen, he’s Cana­dian and Amer­i­can, but his par­ents are Cana­dian, so it’s some­thing we’ve been think­ing about for­ever.

“But then the re­al­ity is that our kids have been born and raised here, and so it be­comes a lit­tle more com­pli­cated than just an idea of mov­ing to some­where we think is po­lit­i­cally bet­ter and has fresher air and less peo­ple, and peo­ple with a lot of man­ners and kind­ness and com­pas­sion. It’s tempt­ing. Never say never, and de­pend­ing on the day of the week and de­pend­ing on the news head­lines.”

“Hu­mans” is set in a par­al­lel present-day world in which an­thro­po­mor­phic ro­bots called “synths” are an in­ex­tri­ca­ble part of so­ci­ety.

In sea­son 2, Moss’s char­ac­ter Athena wants to cre­ate a new kind of ma­chine con­scious­ness.

She’s given that chance when she’s hired by a bil­lion­aire tech­com­pany owner, played by Mar­shall All­man.

Moss said the role pro­vided a new chal­lenge for her: hav­ing to act op­po­site a com­puter.

Athena of­ten in­ter­acts with V, her own data sort­ing pro­gram, and Moss only had V’s fe­male voice and en­ergy to play off of.

“They had an ac­tor there with a voice that I felt like I wanted to do those scenes with day in and day out, be­cause I do have a lot of scenes with V,” she said. “So that was re­ally help­ful, to have a per­son there talk­ing, get­ting to know her.”

Athena is yet an­other strong fe­male char­ac­ter for Moss, who got her break­through with her but­t­kick­ing role as hacker Trin­ity in “The Ma­trix” 17 years ago.

“That movie gave me op­por­tu­nity, gave me ex­po­sure, was a huge gift for me,” said Moss, who re­cently re­united with fel­low Cana­dian “Ma­trix” star Keanu Reeves and oth­ers from the film at his “John Wick: Chap­ter 2” pre­mière.


Car­rie-Anne Moss stars in the TV show “Hu­mans.”

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