Trump’s mag­i­cal de­cep­tions

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RE: U.S. pres­i­dency

A good ma­gi­cian knows that ob­servers must be dis­tracted or they will see what is re­ally hap­pen­ing. Trump surely un­der­stands this. If peo­ple are fo­cused on “the wall” and who will pay for it, lit­tle at­ten­tion is paid to the changes in fi­nan­cial reg­u­la­tions that he cares about.

He has or­dered a re­view of the 2010 fi­nan­cial over­sight law im­ple­mented in the U.S. to keep un­scrupu­lous Wall Street money men from caus­ing another fi­nan­cial cri­sis like the one in 2008-09. This will be over­turned be­cause he wants to help “friends of mine with nice lit­tle busi­nesses.” He also has no in­ter­est in a law that pre­vents fi­nan­cial ad­vis­ers from di­rect­ing clients to in­vest­ments that give the high­est com­mis­sions. These are laws that pro­tect or­di­nary peo­ple from the con­se­quences of greed. Why mid­dle class Amer­i­can vot­ers think that a bil­lion­aire with bil­lion­aire friends has their best in­ter­ests at heart is be­yond me. How long will it take for them to catch on to the ma­gi­cian’s de­cep­tions? John Nixon, Hamil­ton

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