We don’t need a Trump for Canada

The Hamilton Spectator - - OPINION - RE: We need a Trump for Canada (Feb. 7)

In re­sponse to the au­thor who wrote this let­ter: What Trump is do­ing, with no thought to con­se­quences, is try­ing to keep out­ra­geous cam­paign prom­ises to his base. This is all he has. Trump is noth­ing short of a dic­ta­tor. His cam­paign was based on fear, and he con­tin­ues his ab­surd rhetoric. What he is do­ing is set­ting the stage for the next pres­i­den­tial nom­i­na­tion. He will say to his base that he tried to help the peo­ple but the rigged es­tab­lish­ment and the crooked press stood in his way. It would be a ter­ri­ble blow to his ego if he was a one time pres­i­dent.

I sug­gest you take the time to re­fresh your­self on what hap­pens to coun­tries that are ruled by dic­ta­tors. Just the fact that he tweets dis­parag­ing re­marks at those who dis­agree with him, tries to ma­lign the press by call­ing them fake and con­stantly be­rates peo­ple. If there were no checks and bal­ances on him, the U.S. would go down a very dan­ger­ous path.

We do not need a Trump in Canada to shake up our foun­da­tion (as you put it). Many Cana­dian men and women died to pro­tect our foun­da­tion. That foun­da­tion, sir, gives you the right to ex­press your opin­ion. He­len An­tikian, Hamil­ton

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