Don’t bring that Trump men­tal­ity to Canada

The Hamilton Spectator - - OPINION - RE: We need a Trump for Canada (Feb. 7)

My ad­vice to peo­ple that think like this is pack your bags and go south, pronto. Two things most peo­ple for­get is that the Trumps in our so­ci­ety are partly re­spon­si­ble for many of the prob­lems we have to deal with plus we should be con­cerned with the other prob­a­ble things on his agenda. I be­lieve this guy is just warm­ing up and the im­mi­gra­tion fi­asco is test­ing the wa­ters.

This coun­try doesn’t need an over­bear­ing, self in­volved, know-it-all par­ent fig­ure telling us what/how to live while promis­ing things he has no in­ten­tion or ca­pa­bil­ity of de­liv­er­ing. As far as I’m con­cerned, there is only one in­di­vid­ual he is in­ter­ested in and that is him­self. I think Cana­di­ans would do bet­ter to se­ri­ously think about what they re­ally ex­pect from our gov­ern­ment and how much they be­lieve they should be taken care of. That is what the Trumps out there are sell­ing and it’s a scam. If that is your idea of a so­ci­ety you want, go for it but don’t bring it up here. And that is not an al­ter­na­tive fact. Bob Panchyson, Burling­ton

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