Hard Work and Pur­su­ing Your Dreams

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When we had to write speeches in the class­room, I was very ex­cited. When I told my par­ents, they were too. I could not find any­thing to write about in the class­room. But one day I was sit­ting in my room and I fig­ured out what my whole speech was go­ing to be. Af­ter that day, I read my speech over and over.

Then the day fi­nally came when we had to do the speeches in the class­room. Only three peo­ple from each class could com­pete in the school com­pe­ti­tion. So, I did my speech and got sec­ond place in the class­room be­cause I re­ceived the sec­ond­most votes. When my teacher called me to ask if I wanted to do my speech in front of the whole school, I said yes be­cause I was su­per ex­cited!

So, I kept prac­tic­ing un­til the day that I had to do the speech in front of the school. As I was wait­ing to do my speech, my stom­ach felt re­ally weird. I was one of the last peo­ple to go. I was a lit­tle bit scared be­cause some of the stu­dents there also had very good speeches. Then we had to wait even more for the judges to de­cide who was go­ing to the next round of the com­pe­ti­tion.

The judges fi­nally came back in and they re­vealed who was in third, then sec­ond. Since the judges had not called my name yet I thought I was not go­ing to place in the speech com­pe­ti­tion, and I was also a lit­tle bit scared be­cause only the first-place win­ner would get to pro­ceed in the com­pe­ti­tion. Then they an­nounced first place and they called my name!

I was su­per ex­cited to be go­ing to the next speech com­pe­ti­tion. The day be­fore the sec­ond speech com­pe­ti­tion, I thought I had lost my cue cards be­cause I could not find them. Well, I had not lost them, I had left them with my teacher. PHEW!

The next day my throat was bug­ging me, which was not good be­cause I had to do my speech. But I pushed on be­cause I re­ally wanted to win the speech com­pe­ti­tion. I was a lit­tle bit ner­vous to be do­ing my speech in front of a new au­di­ence but my ex­pe­ri­ence in front of my school helped a lot.

I fin­ished my speech and, once again, when the judges called first place I heard my name. I was so ex­cited not only be­cause I got first but be­cause this time I earned a gold medal. My mom was nearly cry­ing that I was able to go to the fi­nals. I could not wait.

When I got to the fi­nals held at the HWDSB Ed­u­ca­tion Cen­ter, I did my speech and I did not hear my name get called for first, sec­ond or third. Then my teacher and my par­ents started talk­ing to the judges who said that I al­most got third but they de­cided I should get fourth. Well, even though I did not win, I was happy to have gone to the fi­nals and over­come my fear of pub­lic speak­ing.

My speech about hard work and pur­su­ing your dreams helped me to not give up on do­ing my best.

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