Trees alone will ab­sorb ex­cess car­bon

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RE: Car­bon taxes

Ac­cord­ing to Cana­dian sources Canada has 990 mil­lion acres of forests, 370 mil­lion acres of wet­lands and 167 mil­lion acres of crop-yield­ing farm­land.

These are known as “car­bon sinks” i.e. they ab­sorb car­bon. Bi­ol­o­gists tell us that trees ab­sorb about 2.6 tonnes of car­bon per acre. So if you do the math 990 mil­lion acres x 2.6 tonnes/acre = 2.574 bil­lion tonnes of car­bon be­ing ab­sorbed ev­ery year here in Canada.

Now if you do more math: 36 tril­lion tonnes (amount of world emis­sion x 0.0167 (1.67 per cent) = 601.2 mil­lion tonnes — this is the amount of car­bon that Canada con­trib­utes to world emis­sions — in the forests alone. Canada ab­sorbs al­most four times the amount of car­bon it emits.

This means that the other three quar­ters of our forests are be­ing sus­tained by car­bon be­ing emit­ted by the rest of the world.

This cal­cu­la­tion does not take into ac­count the wet­land or farm­land that also ab­sorbs car­bon.

Canada re­ally couldn’t get any greener, so why are our politi­cians hell bent on pun­ish­ing us with these ridicu­lous car­bon taxes? Keith Lankester An­caster

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