Amal­ga­ma­tion crit­i­cism not con­struc­tive

RE: Amal­ga­ma­tion is the root of our prob­lems (April 27)


I for one am not sur­prised to see the An­caster Sep­a­ratist Move­ment once again rat­tling its swiftly rust­ing sabres. They are now 16 years late to that par­tic­u­lar party, and An­caster does ben­e­fit from in­clu­sion in Hamil­ton, de­spite what they say. Per­haps we should stop try­ing to undo his­tory and work with the sys­tem we have in­her­ited. Per­haps our en­ergy is best spent im­prov­ing our sit­u­a­tion, rather than bit­terly dredg­ing up the past. Bile is rarely help­ful.

As for the LRT de­bate, I will sum­ma­rize my feel­ings in Haiku: Elders, like chil­dren, Squab­ble for sake of squab­bling. Make up your damn mind! Ni­cholas Moore, Hamil­ton

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