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The Hamilton Spectator - - FUN & GAMES - by Phillip Alder

It is al­ways en­cour­ag­ing to hear about a promis­ing young player. This deal fea­tures 12-year-old Ediz Akay, whose fa­ther Sadik is a well-known ex­pert in Turkey.

You can work out where Akay was sit­ting be­cause the young know no fear. Not only did he bid his five-card suit twice, but he dou­bled four spades with no guar­an­tee it could be de­feated.

As soon as the bid­ding ended, Akay said, “So far, no­body has ever man­aged to make a con­tract that I dou­bled.”

“How long have you been play­ing bridge?” asked an op­po­nent. “Two months.” Ozlem Sen­turk, a univer­sity stu­dent, un­der­stand­ably led her sin­gle­ton di­a­mond. South won in the dummy and led a low heart, but East ac­cu­rately took the trick with the ace and shifted to his sin­gle­ton club. De­clarer won with his ace, cashed the heart king, ruffed a heart with the spade queen and tried to cash the club king. But East ruffed, gave his part­ner a di­a­mond ruff, trumped an­other club with the spade ace and led a card. West had to take two more trump tricks for down three. North paid a heavy price for his un­jus­ti­fied raise to game. “I told you so,” mum­bled East. The orig­i­nal re­porter claimed that South could have es­caped for down one by lead­ing the spade queen from the board at trick two.

That would not have been right if Akay had taken the trick and shifted to any heart but the ace! If he had found that play for down two, he would have won the de­fense of the year award.

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