Burling­ton has lost height con­trol

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RE: What it costs to run Burling­ton and other is­sues (May 11)

Good to see the City of Burling­ton has a “costed as­set re­newal” process, some­thing condo cor­po­ra­tions have had to do for years, ex­cept in the case of con­do­minium cor­po­ra­tions, it is called a re­serve fund study. Ku­dos to our fi­nance depart­ment and the city for do­ing the fis­cally re­spon­si­ble thing.

As to the Car­riage Gate devel­op­ment, at first blush de­ter­min­ing the dif­fer­ence be­tween seven storeys and 27 is a sim­ple math ex­er­cise, with the an­swer be­ing 20. How­ever, we also have well thought out Of­fi­cial Plans, in­ten­sity tar­gets (that are be­ing met with­out this build­ing), by­laws and build­ing stan­dards. The well thought out and stud­ied num­ber of storeys for this area of Burling­ton is ex­pressly stated as seven storeys. So, the real dif­fer­ence is, Car­riage Gate must ei­ther be­lieve the rules do not ap­ply to them, or they can ap­ply to the board to get their 27-storey mono­lith. Whether a 27-storey build­ing is good or bad for the Burling­ton down­town is ir­rel­e­vant. By host­ing a pub­lic meet­ing at his stage, aren’t we re­ally say­ing we are open to some­thing more than seven storeys, maybe 12 or 17 or 19?

Based on for­mer ap­pli­ca­tions, it ap­pears Burling­ton has lost com­plete con­trol over how many storeys can be built in our down­town area, as I am sure this will go to the board for a fi­nal de­ci­sion. Full dis­clo­sure, I live in a 20-storey condo else­where in the city. Joe Gae­tan, Burling­ton

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