The trans pop­u­la­tion needs un­der­stand­ing

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RE: No spe­cial treat­ment for trans­gen­der surg­eries (let­ters June 30)

The big­ots and haters are hav­ing a field day since in­tol­er­ance came out of the closet. I long for the days when th­ese peo­ple only ex­pressed their hurt­ful, di­vi­sive and racist views among other haters and big­ots. Cer­tainly Don­ald Trump has made them think their at­ti­tudes have more sup­port now.

The au­thor of this let­ter ar­gues that trans surgery is “cos­metic”, com­par­ing it to re­mov­ing a mole from her face. When­ever I read let­ters like this one I won­der if the au­thor spent even one sec­ond think­ing about the real is­sue be­fore form­ing an opin­ion. Be­cause it seems to me that, if they had, they would quickly re­al­ize that their ar­gu­ment is ridicu­lous. Ob­vi­ously this writer does not know a trans per­son, or she would know the pain, con­fu­sion and suf­fer­ing many ex­pe­ri­ence. The ig­no­rance and ha­tred from peo­ple such as this let­ter writer only adds to their pain. Many trans peo­ple live be­low or near the poverty line, at least in part be­cause of so­ci­ety’s in­tol­er­ant at­ti­tudes. To make a poor per­son pay thou­sands of dol­lars for trans surgery is mean-spir­ited and ig­no­rant.

Trans surgery and sim­i­lar pro­ce­dures go a long way to help­ing trans peo­ple feel like the per­son they were al­ways meant to be. No one grows breasts or changes their gen­i­tals for “cos­metic” rea­sons.

Get over your prej­u­dices and ac­cept peo­ple for who they are, not who you would like them to be. Com­par­ing hav­ing a mole re­moved to the ex­pe­ri­ence of be­ing trans is small-minded, hate­ful and ig­no­rant. Why don’t you learn about peo­ple and walk a day in their shoes be­fore you go judg­ing and spout­ing such non­sense. You most likely ac­quired this hate­ful at­ti­tude from oth­ers. Think for your­selves and, if you have ques­tions, do some re­search. Maybe even talk to a per­son you feel such ha­tred to­ward — you’ll cer­tainly learn a thing or two. Jorge Lasso, Hamil­ton

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