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Grilled pineap­ple is such a treat. The sug­ars are caramelized and the fruit is su­per sweet with­out mak­ing your mouth pucker.

You can eat it on its own as a dessert or pair with fish or seafood.

For to­day’s dish, I peeled a whole pineap­ple and cut it into large bite-size pieces and placed it on a skewer with large shrimps.

Be sure to soak wooden skew­ers in wa­ter for about 30 min­utes so that they don’t burn on the grill.

The mari­nade of vine­gar and soy sauce gives the shrimp a savoury feel next to the sweet pineap­ple. But the added honey mel­lows out the tart flavour.

I used a Pres­i­dent’s Choice fig-flavoured bal­samic vine­gar to baste the shrimp but any bal­samic vine­gar will do.

To ac­com­pany the skew­ers and com­plete your meal, try the quinoa with lemon/pesto dress­ing. Along with flavour, the kale and sun-dried toma­toes pro­vide a burst of colour.

The feta cheese pro­vides salti­ness. The crunch­i­ness of the pis­ta­chios of­fers tex­ture to the grain. I de-shelled a hand­ful of pis­ta­chios and placed them in a sealed bag­gie. You can use a rolling pin but I used an un­opened bot­tle of wine and rolled the bot­tle over the bag­gie to crush the pis­ta­chios.

Shrimp and Pineap­ple Skew­ers with Quinoa and Kale

Bag of frozen shrimp, 31-40 (use half the bag) 90 mL (6 ta­ble­spoons) honey 45 mL (3 ta­ble­spoons) soy sauce 45 mL (3 ta­ble­spoons) bal­samic vine­gar 1 pineap­ple (peel and cut in bite-size pieces) Quinoa 250 mL (1 cup) quinoa 60 mL (quar­ter cup) olive oil Juice of a half a lemon 15 mL (1 ta­ble­spoon) pesto Salt and pep­per to taste 250 mL (1 cup) kale leaves, cooked and packed 125 mL (half a cup) sun-dried toma­toes, diced 60 mL (quar­ter cup) pis­ta­chios, crushed 125 mL (half a cup) feta cheese, crum­bled In a bowl, pour the honey, soy sauce and bal­samic vine­gar. Place the shrimp in the mari­nade while you pre­pare the quinoa. Cook the kale un­til bright green. It takes only a few min­utes. Drain. Cook the quinoa as per di­rec­tions. (I used one cup of quinoa and two cups of wa­ter). In a large bowl, start with the lemon/pesto dress­ing. Add the olive oil, lemon juice, pesto and salt and pep­per. Stir. Add the drained quinoa to the dress­ing. Add the sun-dried toma­toes, cooked kale, feta cheese and crushed pis­ta­chios. Mix. On the skewer, thread one shrimp, then a cubed piece of pineap­ple. Each skewer should have three shrimps, two pieces of pineap­ple. Grill for about three to four min­utes each side. Serve shrimp pineap­ple skew­ers with quinoa.


Shrimp and pineap­ple skew­ers with quinoa.

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