I am not Is­lam­o­pho­bic

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RE: Omar Khadr

The suf­fix ‘pho­bia’ lit­er­ally means an ir­ra­tional fear. I’m of­ten told I’m Is­lam­o­pho­bic but it is not true. I do not have an ir­ra­tional fear of Mus­lims. I have a ra­tio­nal fear of cer­tain per­sons who hap­pen to be Mus­lim, gay, or what­ever.

In terms of one gay fel­low who broke into my apart­ment and as­saulted me, it’s not that he’s gay that both­ers me. It’s that he broke into my apart­ment and as­saulted me!

And as for Omar Khadr, I am ab­so­lutely out­raged that he has won a fi­nan­cial award — be­cause his rights were de­nied? He loses his Cana­dian rights when he steps off Cana­dian soil. He loses his rights when he lobs a grenade killing a for­eign sol­dier. He com­mit­ted mur­der on for­eign soil. He was seized on for­eign soil. I owe him noth­ing, and the fact he mur­dered some­one does not make me an Is­lam­o­phobe. I do not have an ir­ra­tional fear of him. I have a very real, ra­tio­nal, fear of him and what he will do with $10 mil­lion tax­payer money. San­dra Har­ring­ton, Hamil­ton

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