An­other rea­son for ac­ci­dents on the park­way

RE: Ac­ci­dents on the RHVP

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There is an­other more tragic rea­son for some of the ac­ci­dents where the Linc and the Red Hill ex­press­way meet be­sides driver er­ror.

Why are the ac­ci­dents oc­cur­ring up­hill? One rea­son is cen­trifu­gal force caused by the curve’s de­sign. The de­sign of the road­way, cou­pled with the wrong style of pave­ment to ac­com­mo­date this in­er­tial force, may ex­plain the head on style of ac­ci­dents that have been oc­cur­ring.

The up bound lanes of the Red Hill at the Linc are at the apex of the speed limit at the bend as drivers start head­ing west. So you have speed, in­er­tia force push­ing the ve­hi­cle out­wards, plus slick pave­ment and the po­ten­tial of lighter ve­hi­cles that are now un­der un­fore­seen cen­trifu­gal forces and the ve­hi­cles are now out of their el­e­ment re­sult­ing in head on col­li­sions.

Years ago the Hamilton bound lanes of the 403 by the high level bridge un­der­went ex­ten­sion changes to lengthen the curve for this ex­act rea­son. Drivers were lulled by the long curve and be­fore they knew it the in­er­tia placed on the ve­hi­cles by the curve’s de­sign pushed them in the bar­ri­ers.

This can be ver­i­fied by ei­ther schemat­ics of the road or even old aerial photographs.

The Red Hill ex­press­way sling­shot ef­fect may also be a re­sult of try­ing to squeeze that bend in the road into a small area re­sult­ing in a tighter turn and re­sult­ing in greater forces placed on ve­hi­cles. Bill Watts, Dun­das

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