Th­ese foods will fuel your work­out

Car­bo­hy­drates the key to be­ing ef­fec­tive

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You’ve got the footwear. But, do you have the fuel for your work­out?

Food is your body’s fuel, so it’s im­por­tant to eat be­fore ex­er­cise. Choos­ing the right nu­tri­ents at the right time can make your ef­fort more ef­fec­tive.

“Car­bo­hy­drate is the source of that en­ergy your mus­cles need,” says Angie Mu­rad, a well­ness di­eti­tian at Mayo Clinic’s Healthy Liv­ing Pro­gram.

Mu­rad says, if pos­si­ble, eat a bal­anced meal a few hours be­fore pump­ing iron or hit­ting the trail. Avoid fats, limit fi­bre and in­clude a va­ri­ety of nat­u­ral carbs from grains, fruits and milk.

“For break­fast, you could have oatmeal with a lit­tle brown sugar and some raisins,” ex­plains Mu­rad. “A glass of milk with it and some berries.”

And if you’ve got less than an hour un­til your work­out, fo­cus solely on the carbs.

“That’s the pri­mary en­ergy source,” adds Mu­rad.

She sug­gests a sports drink, a serv­ing of your favourite fruit or even a small jam sand­wich. And sports gels and gum­mies can also give a quick carb boost.

“I would rec­om­mend fo­cus­ing more on foods first,” says Mu­rad. “But, if you’re in a pinch, and you need some­thing easy, they are op­tions.”

They’re op­tions for fuel to go along with the footwear.

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