Next time you need to text while driv­ing …


RE: Cy­clists not alone on their many road­way sins (July 27)

It’s scary out there, I have to agree. My Un­cle Joe al­ways made me laugh when he’d say, “If I was hit­ting you on the head with a cast iron fry­ing pan, would you like me to STOP or slow down?”

Make a mis­take once at a stop sign and you will never for­get it. They are there to save lives, not to be ig­nored. Also, peo­ple, slow down while driv­ing through park­ing lots. Be cour­te­ous when some­one is back­ing up and don’t try to in­tim­i­date or lay on the horn. If you are be­hind a car mak­ing a left-hand turn, stay in the left lane, make your sig­nal then change lanes. Please don’t pass on the in­side.

As a teenager on a trip from Hamil­ton to New Brunswick, I watched my Un­cle Jack, a dec­o­rated truck driver on the high­way. Each time be­fore chang­ing lanes, he’d sig­nal three times, check his side- and rear-view mir­rors and then change lanes.

Next time you want to send or an­swer a text mes­sage while driv­ing, talk to a para­medic or po­lice of­fi­cer first. Can­dace Piva, Stoney Creek

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