Let com­mon sense and rea­son rule

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RE: Re­li­gion and science

Well here we go again. If you are born in the Mid­dle East there is a pretty good chance that Ju­daism or Is­lam will be your re­li­gion.

In In­dia, prob­a­bly Bud­dhism or Hin­duism. Europe or Amer­ica, good chance, Chris­tian­ity.

Or let’s just say re­gard­less of where you are born when it comes to re­li­gion the par­ents usu­ally in­doc­tri­nate their chil­dren into what­ever re­li­gion they be­lieve to be true at a much too early age to al­low the child to have any chance of an ed­u­cated choice in the mat­ter.

As it is, when it comes to re­li­gion there ap­pear to be so many choices, (all claim­ing to be true). With science it does not mat­ter where you are born or to what par­ents it just hap­pens to work the same way with the same rules and out­comes in ex­per­i­ments and re­search any­where on Earth. In fact science works pretty much the same ev­ery­where in the Cos­mos. In­ter­est­ing.

Let com­mon sense and rea­son rule your lives. Be skep­ti­cal. Study the ev­i­dence or lack thereof. Do not let author­ity tell you what is or is not true. Ed­u­cate our chil­dren hon­estly.

Chil­dren should make their own re­li­gious choices when they have all the in­for­ma­tion and are of an age where they can make their own in­formed de­ci­sion. Re­li­gion com­pat­i­ble with science? Which re­li­gion is it you are re­fer­ring to? Oh that’s right — yours. Brad Wi­der­man, Stoney Creek

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