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RE: Taxes and prices

On a re­cent Costco trip, my wife pur­chased a box of makeup wipes with a shelf price of $13. On check­ing the re­ceipt I was sur­prised to see that a $2 “en­vi­ron­men­tal fee” had been ap­plied to the wipes, and that we also had to pay HST on the fee it­self.

Call it by any name you like, but this fee and re­lated HST are just an­other layer of sales tax col­lected by the gov­ern­ment at the point of pur­chase. Pay­ing the HST on that fee is tax­a­tion on tax­a­tion.

Us­ing some sim­ple math, the to­tal sales tax for this prod­uct is just un­der $4. That rep­re­sents an ef­fec­tive sales tax rate of more than 30 per cent. For makeup wipes, re­ally?

This is just an­other ex­am­ple, al­beit a small one, of the in­sid­i­ous way the Wynne Lib­er­als have im­ple­mented many new taxes, and in­creased many ex­ist­ing ones, to fuel their ad­dic­tion to spend­ing.

In June, my vote will go to the party that prom­ises to elim­i­nate the prac­tice of charg­ing a tax on an­other tax, a prac­tice im­ple­mented by the Lib­er­als, a prac­tice they seem in­tent on ex­pand­ing. Cameron Stringer, Hamil­ton

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