The Hockey News - - BUZZ - – WITH MATT LARKIN


I LOVE MY STICK. I do a lot of s--- with it. Not to the blade, but I paint the bot­tom, be­cause the color of it down low dis­tracts my eyes when I play. I used to have a Bauer stick be­fore, and it was black, but this one has the bright color. It’s a busi­ness, so they want it to look good on TV, prob­a­bly. But for the play­ers, you don’t re­ally want to see it. Maybe some guys like it. But you keep look­ing down at it, be­cause the color of the stick is so dif­fer­ent. It’s or­ange, blue…so I’ve painted the lower part of it black. A lot of guys do that.

I like do­ing my knob, too. The grip. I shape it and shave it to make it rounder. I spend a lot of time with my sticks. Too much. I’ve got a pretty whippy flex, but I’m not a re­ally big fan of that. It doesn’t re­ally mat­ter, be­cause I’m not a shooter.

My stick length is prob­a­bly a bit shorter than av­er­age be­cause I’m not too tall. It fits me good. Sticks nowa­days are so good. The peo­ple who make them pretty much know what you need.


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