Too many bro­ken prom­ises

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The Lib­er­als must ad­dress the real is­sues which are waste and af­ford­abil­ity within the hy­dro sys­tem, like pay­ing OPG to di­vert — or spill wa­ter at our dams, pay­ing wind-so­lar farms and gas power plants not to pro­duce hy­dro while build­ing new ones, this makes no eco­nomic sense.

Let’s start with the Lib­er­als re­fusal to buy cheap Que­bec hy­dro for pen­nies a kWh in 2010 as they wanted to be a world leader in wind and so­lar power which they never achieved and chose to sign 20-year con­tracts for so­lar power up to 80 cents a kWh and up to 40 cents a kWh for wind power.

Lib­er­als can­cel two gas plants at a cost of $1.1 bil­lion which we pay for. In 2007-2011 OPG di­verted wa­ter at our dams which added $5.50 to each hy­dro bill, or $1.2 bil­lion wasted.

In 2014 -2015 OPG di­verted wa­ter at our dams to fully sup­ply 350,000 homes each year, which we paid for.

In 2017 Wynne started buy­ing un­needed hy­dro­elec­tric power from Que­bec for the next seven years while we un­der-pro­duce hy­dro at On­tario power dams.

The Thun­der Bay biomass plant costs 25 times more to run than other biomass plants — the Atikokan biomass plant is only ex­pected to op­er­ate 29 days a year at eight times the cost to op­er­ate, but Premier Wynne is shut­ting down cheap nat­u­ral gas power plants in North­ern On­tario.

Premier Wynne is now in dam­age con­trol with an eight per cent HST re­bate. The Lib­er­als added the HST to our hy­dro bills to be­gin with - by Premier Wynne re­bat­ing us and not can­celling the eight per cent HST por­tion she is adding $1 bil­lion a year to our pro­vin­cial debt, which is ex­pected to be $370 bil­lion by 2020, up from $138 bil­lion when the Lib­er­als took of­fice. Now Wynne wants to add an­other $25 bil­lion or so to our hy­dro costs down the road in ex­change for fur­ther hy­dro cuts, but th­ese rate cuts wouldn’t be nec­es­sary if the Lib­er­als had man­aged the waste and didn’t sign such dis­as­trous con­tracts.

Since 2006 off-peak rates have gone from 3.5 to 8.7 cents per kWh, an in­crease of roughly 150 per cent.

Mid peak has risen from 7.1 to 13.2 cents per kWh- an 85 per cent in­crease.

Peak rate has gone up from 10.5 to 18 cents per kWh- an in­crease of more than 70 per cent.

Re­mem­ber the Lib­er­als promised a hy­dro freeze from 2003-2007, no health tax plus no new taxes and in­sur­ance rates were to drop and they signed the Bal­anced Bud­get Act — all bro­ken prom­ises.

You de­cide if this is an elec­tion bribe only to be can­celled if the Lib­er­als win the next elec­tion.

I know where I stand. Ross Ay­otte Smiths Falls

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