Global warm­ing needs to be our pri­mary fo­cus

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For the first time since 2010 we’ve seen three ac­tive hur­ri­canes in the At­lantic at the same time.

What makes it even more rare is that th­ese same hur­ri­canes were threat­en­ing to touch land at the same time as well.

The im­age that shows the three ac­tive storms from a satel­lite im­age also high­lighted the light-gray smoke from mas­sive wild­fires that are en­ter­ing into our at­mos­phere.

But what the im­age lacks in show­ing is the de­struc­tion in south­ern Mex­ico af­ter an 8.1 mag­ni­tude earth­quake took place and left dozens dead.

With­out a doubt the dev­as­ta­tion left by all three Hur­ri­canes Har­vey, Irma and Ka­tia is un­be­liev­ably tough to swal­low.

The af­ter­maths of th­ese storms have left peo­ple up­rooted from their homes with noth­ing more than the clothes on their back.

And with Hur­ri­cane José still churn­ing in the At­lantic there is still time for the world to see more de­struc­tion by th­ese vi­o­lent dis­tur­bances in the weather.

Be­cause of the sever­ity of de­struc­tion in places such as Texas, Florida, Mex­ico, and the Caribbean Is­lands much thought and con­ver­sa­tion has been given to the fact that here in Canada we too are see­ing sever weather have an im­pact on us.

Bri­tish Columbia has seen what could pos­si­bly be con­sid­ered its worse year for wild­fires with 2.86 mil­lion acres hav­ing been burned.

It would al­most ap­pear as if the lack of ap­pre­ci­a­tion and re­spect given to the topic of cli­mate change has de­cided to slap some re­al­ity into non­be­liev­ers.

If the weather isn’t enough to get non-believ­ers to start see­ing the im­pact that our choices are hav­ing on our en­vi­ron­ment, maybe the plea from Pope Fran­cis to see “with your own eyes” the ef­fects of cli­mate change and global warm­ing in the wake of such storms.

The fact peo­ple still are non­be­liev­ers or doubt what sci­en­tists have proved is alarm­ing for the sole rea­son it means those peo­ple aren’t nec­es­sar­ily do­ing any­thing to cut emis­sions.

This be­comes a chal­lenge in the fight against cli­mate change be­cause the so­lu­tions of­fered up aren’t be­ing im­ple­mented and widely adopted.

What has al­ready been lost can’t be re­placed or re­cov­ered and the num­ber of species and ecosys­tems be­ing de­pleted or van­ished al­ready be­cause of our own naivety is our pun­ish­ment for not tak­ing ac­tion sooner.

As a sin­gu­lar en­tity of be­ings we need to unite and come to­gether as one to fight cor­po­ra­tions, gov­ern­ments and non-believ­ers to ac­knowl­edge the path that we are on.

The de­struc­tion of the re­cent hur­ri­canes has left mil­lions of peo­ple with­out power, shel­ter and food.

It’s caused peo­ple to loot and fight for them­selves and their fam­i­lies in a way that we can’t even be­gin to imag­ine.

The cost to get th­ese places back to a place where life is civ­i­lized, mun­dane and about work and school life is go­ing to cost bil­lions of dol­lars.

And with­out tak­ing the con­ver­sa­tion about global warm­ing se­ri­ous ev­ery year from now on the dam­ages done due to cli­mate change will slightly in­crease and our re­lief funds will di­min­ish.

With all that has been lost it is time now not to ques­tion or to dwell on the why of it all but to make sure that we take the right steps in cor­rect­ing our past be­hav­iours with ques­tions of what can I do? What do we need to do? And make the re­al­ity of global warm­ing some­thing that we don’t let drop at the way side any­more.

Lives, ecosys­tems, fam­i­lies and the gen­er­a­tions that are to come de­pend on us do­ing some­thing now and not wait­ing un­til it’s too late.

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