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It is a great start that Man­i­toba is pric­ing car­bon pol­lu­tion at $ 25 tonne start­ing next year.

The $ 25 tonne need not hit the peo­ple hard in their pock­et­books if you give them the rev­enue col­lected back. By keep­ing Man­i­toba’s car­bon price rev­enue neu­tral, lower and mid­dle- class Cana­di­ans would be ex­pected to come out ahead.

The re­al­ity is we have three years as a planet to set in mo­tion ef­fec­tive poli­cies to avert cli­mate catas­tro­phe. Car­bon pric­ing is an im­por­tant part of the plan. By giv­ing the car­bon price rev­enue neu­tral, the price could climb to $ 100- 150 by 2030 and not hit the peo­ple in the pocket and pre­serve our cli­mate.

In or­der to pro­tect in­dus­tries in Canada, we need a har­mo­nized car­bon price in Canada so our gov­ern­ment can en­act bor­der car­bon ad­just­ments. This car­bon ad­just­ment would dis­cour­age busi­nesses from re­lo­cat­ing to where they can emit more CO2 and en­cour­age other na­tions to adopt an equiv­a­lent price on car­bon.

An­other re­al­ity is we are in a race to the top. The global tech mar­ket is worth more than $ 1 tril­lion ( CAD) and is on the cusp of a multi- tril­lion dol­lar clean­tech rev­o­lu­tion. With ef­fec­tive car­bon pric­ing, we can cap­ture that mar­ket share as a na­tion. Cathy Orlando

Na­tional Di­rec­tor Ci­ti­zens’ Cli­mate Lobby

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