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Makeup artist Blair Pat­ter­son’s top smoky eye tips

1. Avoid rac­coon eyes

“If eye­shadow falls, a lot of peo­ple rub it off. That’s the big­gest mis­take,” says Pat­ter­son. If you ap­ply eye makeup first, fol­lowed by foun­da­tion, you can just clean spills off with a wipe. Bet­ter yet, slap on two un­der- eye sheet masks while you work to catch any fall­out. “I put them on as I’m do­ing eye­shadow, and once I’m done I take them off. [The spills] are gone and the skin is also mois­tur­ized.”

2. Just keep curl­ing

“Asian eye­lashes are usu­ally poker straight,” says Pat­ter­son. “I curl them three times: once be­fore I do any­thing; once when I’m done with eye­shadow; and then once af­ter mas­cara.”

3. Fol­low your eye shape

I f you’re do­ing a multi - shade smoky eye and you have a mono­lid, with­out an up­per eye­lid crease, ap­ply the colours hor­i­zon­tally along the lid. “Go from dark­est to light­est, from lash line to brow,” ex­plains Pat­ter­son. On a dou­ble eye­lid with vis­i­ble folds, start at the in­ner cor­ner and work your way out, ap­ply­ing shades from light to dark.

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