Green beauty ti­tan Tata Harper takes on a new skin­care fron­tier: adult acne


Skin­care guru Tata Harper takes on adult acne

When you visit Tata Harper’s lush, pond-dot­ted farm in the rolling hills of Ver­mont’s Cham­plain Val­ley, the plant power be­hind her green beauty em­pire is im­me­di­ately ob­vi­ous. Harper has 1,200 acres of fields and green­houses in which laven­der, ar­nica, cal­en­dula, mead­owsweet, bor­age and al­falfa are grown, dried and blended for her deca­dent skin­care prod­ucts. Even the bustling re­search labs and man­u­fac­tur­ing fa­cil­i­ties that act as the brains be­hind ev­ery green and gold bot­tle are tucked into con­verted barns.

Lately, Harper has turned her re­sources to a skin is­sue many of us are fac­ing. “Adult acne is on the rise—I see it all the time,” says Harper, ev­ery inch a glam­orous farm-dwelling Colom­bian in a full ging­ham skirt and low-back T-shirt. “One of my re­ally good friends has acne, and I felt so bad that I had noth­ing to help her with. I had never re­ally stud­ied acne with our sci­en­tists to get to the root of it.” Now that she has “gone deep,” re­search­ing and de­vel­op­ing a new spot treat­ment that stars an­ti­sep­tic wil­low bark, detox­i­fy­ing broc­coli ex­tract and oil-re­duc­ing saw pal­metto, we asked for her top five pieces of break­out-bust­ing ad­vice.

1. Think long-term strat­egy “Acne is some­thing that needs to be con­trolled all the time. It is a con­di­tion you have to live with, so you need to learn how to con­trol it.”

2. Look to the causes “I think it has to do with peo­ple’s life­styles and the amount of stress they have. It’s also trig­gered by hor­monal changes in peo­ple who are hav­ing ba­bies. Some peo­ple have food al­ler­gies and don’t re­al­ize it. Also, our air and wa­ter is pol­luted. And some­times peo­ple say to me that they moved from one city to an­other, like from Mi­ami to New York, and their skin freaked out.”

3. Don’t dry out your skin “When you get to a cer­tain age, con­trol­ling it by dry­ing it out just doesn’t work out any­more. You need anti-aging ben­e­fits, mois­tur­iza­tion and col­la­gen pro­duc­tion— you need a lot of things in ad­di­tion to con­trol­ling and heal­ing the skin. Also, peo­ple who have eczema and acne can’t use ben­zoyl per­ox­ide and al­co­hol be­cause their skin gets so ag­i­tated.”

4. Nour­ish the skin’s top layer “Peo­ple who have a com­pro­mised skin bar­rier are the quick­est to help. Or if you need to im­prove your mi­cro­biome, it’s a fairly sim­ple task. But when peo­ple have food al­ler­gies or hor­monal is­sues that they have not iden­ti­fied, it’s much more com­pli­cated.”

5. Eat your way to clear skin “It’s help­ful to eat foods that are rich in sul­fur (such as eggs), sil­ica (cu­cum­ber) and beta carotene (can­taloupe, apri­cots, car­rots). Look for green and yel­low veg­eta­bles, rather than red ones.”

Mod­els’ com­plex­ions were prepped with Tata Harper prod­ucts for a run­way-ready glow at Brock Col­lec­tion dur­ing Made Fash­ion Week.

In­gre­di­ents for Tata Harper prod­ucts are har­vested at her Ver­mont farm.

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